Alan's Photo Collection -- West Point
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James H. (Tid) Watkins
at "boards" in LIFE Magazine, November 3, 1941

      This is the copy of the LIFE Magazine cover from November 3, 1941. The Cadet on the cover is James H. (Tid) Watkins, a member of the West Point Class of 1943, the June Class.      
       "I sent the magazine to his (Tid's) widow, and have been in correspondence with his son, Michael. The magazine came out a month before Pearl Harbor. Two weeks later, the November 17, 1941 LIFE Magazine  featured the University of Texas Football Team on it's cover.  November 17, 1941, LIFE Magazine .  Tid Watkin's brother was a member of this team and was shown in a picture inside. This made for much talk at the barber shop run by the Watkins' father in a small Texas town.  The day after Pearl Harbor, the entire University of Texas football team went out and joined the Marines.   It is stories like this that make me proud to be an American."   - - Bob

(Editor's note: Bob is Bob Kellman, ex-New Cadet, Class of 1963, West Point and Alan Lubke was his squad leader)
Re: The November 17. 1941 issue of LIFE Magazine featuring Tid's brother "Hoot", a member of the Texas Football Team.  See the  COVER  of that issue, and once again the amazing story of that team is at my picture story, November 17, 1941, LIFE Magazine.