College Station Texas, Tuesday Afternoon, September 16, 2003
From a videotaped message, Howie told the audience, speaking of himself and his wife, Gracie:
“Our walk with Christ has been an important part of our lives.
It’s been a wonderful time together with you.”

Front row:  Ellen and John Kammerdiener, Missy Denney, and Linda Mallory.
Back row:  Gabe Gabriel, Ron Barrick, Jerry Clements, Steve Denney, Glynn Mallory, Howie DeWitt, Kyle DeWitt (son).
Ron Barrick, Jerry Clements, John Kammerdiener, Howie DeWitt, Steve Denney, Glynn Mallory, Gabe Gabriel

Howard D. Graves Memorial Service
3:00 PM; September 16, 2002
Grace Bible Church, College Station, Texas

It was a lovely Texas day,
So cool, clear and bright,
As into the church we made our way,
To honor the loss of a guiding light.

Howard D. Graves had lost his fight,
To conquer the cancer that took his life,
But through it all he saw a light,
That gave him resolve, lessened the strife.

As was clearly told to all that day,
The strength of his beliefs,
Helped him along his way,
He had made his peace, there was relief.

His daughter, Gigi, sang a song,
Her husband, Eric, read the Scripture,
Son, Greg, made a Tribute, not to long,
A beautiful service, I hope you get the picture.

John and Ellen Kammerdiener were there,
Honoring Number Two in the Class, was Number One,
Glynn and Linda Mallory , also there,
Howie Dewitt and Kyle, his son.

Steve and Missy Denney from afar,
Ron Barrick also made his way,
Gabe Gabriel and Jerry Clements came by car,
All together to worship and pray.

Gracie and Greg and Gigi stood proud,
As hundreds were received in a line,
Dignitaries, educators, and friends, one crowd,
All united to remember a man so fine.

May we all take a lesson from Howard,
About your beliefs, never be a coward,
Live your life to the fullest y'all,
Be ready when you get the call


Link:  http://www.theeagle.com/aandmnews/091703gravesmemorial.htm
Link:  Gabe Gabriel's detailed report   for Marty Ganderson, Class Scribe to include in the next edition of the Assembly.

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