Is this from Jerry Jervell's Book?

This looks like it might be a picture from a book published by a cadet when he was a cadet -- Cullum 22333 Broder Lysholm "Jerry" Jervell, Jr., Class of 1959, Co D-1. Jervell also formed a corporation while he was a cadet. It was called Americana Futurell, Inc. I bought a share. The first share of stock I ever owned. His company was to buy homes in the Lawton-Fort Sill area. This shareholder never heard from the corporation.

If you are reading this and know anything about American Futurell or Jerry Jervell in this the year of our Lord, 2003, please let me know. I am Alan Lubke at:

Note:  Jervell's book sold at the West Point Exchange during my Class of '61 cadet life, and there was a second book, not by Jervell, with similar pictures / captions that sold there as well.

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This photo was sent to me and Hampy Hodges, his former Squad Leaders, electronically on November 5, 2003 by Ex-New Cadet Robert Kellman, x-1963. Kellman, a former member of 2d Squad, 2d Platoon, 2d New Cadet Company, United States Corps of Cadets, USMA, checks E-Bay every now and then for collectible West Point memorabilia.