Albert Lloyd Wells
September 25, 1938 - June 12, 2007

L to R: Bill Esselstein (B-1), Charles Burns (I-1), Denny Lenhart (L-2),
Alan Lubke (D-1), Burke Mucho
Rod Grannemann (L-1), Jack Veatch (E-1)
Mrs. Albert (Joan) Wells (E-1)
Pete Gleichenhaus (C-2), Mrs. Larry (Jeanne) Richards (A-1),
Larry Butterworth (E-1), Mrs. Henry (Wendy) Van Gorder (E-1),
Pat Carroll (E-1), Jay Cook (C-1)
Not pictured: Bud Coddington (F-1)

West Point Class of '61
at reception at Marin Country Club, Novato, California, Sunday, June 24, 2007

Reception followed the Celebration of Life service for Albert Lloyd Wells at the Redwood Chapel of Marin.

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