November 19, 2004

E-Mail from Denny Sabo,

Subject: Soldiers Memorial Fund

Friends, I am taking your time with this email to make you aware of an item that makes me very proud of our small town of Bigfork, Montana. In our small town of about 2500 persons in Northwest Montana we have the confluence of two very unusual resources:

a. A men's Friday Morning non-denominational Christian Bible Study/men's fellowship that attracts about 150 men every Friday at 8:00 AM in the only place in town that is big enough to hold that many people, the corner bar! The name that the group has given itself is the "Dirtbags"! This is intended to reflect the fact that no one there considers himself especially religious. Aside from their faith in Christ they have little to compare themselves to the TV evangelists that are sometimes the face that people see of Christianity.

b. A resident by the name of Major General (retired) Paul Vallely who when he is not playing golf up here in Montana with me or other of his
friends is traveling the world advising foreign governments and personally investigating the world security situation with respect to terrorism and related issues. He then is a frequent military analyst contributor to Fox News on TV. You'll recognize him as the good looking, though somewhat aged, Irishman, who doesn't give an inch in his television discourses and debates.

Well, this motley crew of "Dirtbags", led by Paul has recently raised over $45,000 for a Soldiers Christmas Gift program. This is no "give a kid a toy" program. The group has recently sent over a ton of often-requested "luxury" items to Special Forces (Each year they pick a military unit or group to concentrate on. Last year it was the 101st Airborne Division). These "luxury" items are things such as disposable razors, beef jerky, moist toilettes...things that we take for granted and that are indeed luxuries for troops in the field. This activity will be an ongoing program sponsored by the "Dirtbags" in memoriam to Paul's son Scott who passed away earlier this year while in Special Forces Training in the US Army.

Well, the reason I am sending this, hopefully uplifting, piece of info to you now is because this Sunday on Fox News Magazine the soldiers Christmas Gift Program will featured on one of their segments. This would be a chance for you to see some "positive news" and give you some information about my adopted hometown of Bigfork, Montana. The show is at 8:00 PST, 9:00 MST, 10:00 CST and 11:00 EST this Sunday evening. Please watch if it's of interest and let me know what you think.

Best personal regards to all,

Denny Sabo

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