Countdown to Discovery of WMD

Interviewed by Steve Doocy this morning on "FOX and Friends", Major General Paul Vallely, FOX News Senior Military Analyst predicted, in a confident, soft spoken statement, that major news involving weapons of mass destruction would be forthcoming in the next 60 days. He reminded listeners that administration reports about not finding WMD to date have included the phrase "in Iraq". Doocy committed himself to calling back Vallely on the show 60 days from today.

Today is February 9, 2004.

Alan Lubke
San Bruno, CA 94066

Picture shows Retired Lieutenant Generals Thomas McInerney, USAF and Paul Vallely, USAR in Babylon, Iraq in 2003. McInerney and Vallely are both graduates of the US Military Academy at West Point in the years 1959 and 1961 respectively.
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