July 7, 2004

Inspector General Hotline
Department of Defense

Dear Inspector General:

Re: See the letter at URL:

1. I am exasperated by the inefficiency of the TRICARE Claims Administrator - California.

2. I sent no correspondence to their office that would have arrived on June 14, 2004. They say in their letter of June29, 2004: "Thank you for using TRICARE and for your correspondence received at our office on June 14, 2004."

3. Their enigmatic stationery is in itself a high grade piece of inefficiency and ineffectiveness. I am confused as to the letterhead vs. the letterfoot. How does PGBA, LLC relate to Health Net Federal Services and what does PGBA, LLC stand for? They should be fined for feckless administrative futility. As a minimum, I request a new letter explaining the old letter.

4. I can't read the enclosure, except the note at the bottom. The note at the bottom appears to read: "This is a rebill of a claim we have as unpaid. In case you need it, proof of timely filing is attached. Thanks, Sean." Who is Sean?

5. In addition to the requests stated above, the remainder of my complaint follows:

a. I am thoroughly disturbed by the receipt of the letter from TRICARE Program, dated June 29, 2004. I request an investigation to determine if it is routine practice for this agency to upset their customers with such trashy documents.

b. I would like the name and a direct number for Tomika Harris' supervisor as an interim response to your investigation.

Sincerely yours,

Alan H. Lubke
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired
2550 Fleetwood Drive
San Bruno, CA 94066

Enclosure: TRICARE Program Letter dated June 29, 2004 with Enclosure "PROF". See the next two cells below.

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