History Theatre presents Torch Theatre's production of
The Miracle Worker
January 8 - February 21, 2009 By William Gibson Directed by Craig Johnson
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History Theatre
30 East 10th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Box Office (651) 292-4323

1887. Tuscumbia, Alabama. Blind, deaf and mute. Nobody knows
what Helen Keller’s fate might have been had she not come under
the tutelage of Annie Sullivan, an Irish woman who had been born
blind. Little Helen, trapped in her secret world, is bitter, violent,
spoiled and living like an animal. Only Annie realizes that there is
a mind waiting to be rescued from that dark, tortured silence.

Starring Ivey Award-winning actor Stacia Rice as Annie Sullivan,
History Theatre brings this acclaimed production about the
remarkable life and education of Helen Keller to St. Paul. Critics
have called it “compelling,” “beautifully performed,” and
“powerful and thoughtful.”

Adults $25-30
Seniors $22-28
Students $10
Group rates are available.

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