Q. What happened to the first pass that Johnny Unitas threw as a pro?

HINT: It was in 1956 against the Chicago Bears.

A. It was intercepted and run back for a touchdown.

Q. Who intercepted the pass?

HINT: It was the best college football player that I (Alan Lubke) ever saw play in person. (Memorial Stadium on the University of Minnesota Campus. University of Minnesota vs. Illinois, October 16, 1954. Game was won by Minnesota, 19-6, attendance 63,810)

A. J.C. Caroline.


Several questions were posed at dinner at "Iron Steaks" in Sacramento, Friday, November 26, 2010 while a TV had the Oregon-Arizona game, such as "What is your favorite item purchased from 'as seen on TV?' I asked the assembled family members "who was the best college football player that you ever play in person?" My answer prompted me to do some research upon return home from Sacramento and led to the trivia questions and answers here.

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