A standing room only crowd at Barnes and Noble in the Har-Mar Mall in Roseville, Minnesota at 7 p.m. on Monday, October 6th, 2003 listens intently to Gloria Ostrem Sawai's emotional reading from, "A Song for Nettie Johnson". The book, Sawai's first, won the 2002 Governor General’s (of Canada) Award for Fiction, the Danuta Gleed Award, The City of Edmonton Book Award and two Writers Guild of Alberta Awards. The collection of short stories is described in Alberta Views as “deeply original, odd and moving.” Curtis Gillespie in Sunday writes that Sawai’s “understated realistic technique, coupled with her hugely empathetic sensibility, makes Nettie Johnson not just a book to enjoy as a reading, but a book to hold near, to put one’s faith in when it comes to matters of human nature.”
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Page 01 - The photo you see now
(The Canadian Counsel was in the audience and recognized Gloria on behalf of the Governor General of Canada)
Page 02 - Mary Petrie Thompson and kids, Gloria, Eileen Anderson Hoch
Page 03 - Gloria reading her book, "A Song for Nettie Johnson"
Page 04 - Scarlett shrieks as Stryker watches Gloria sign faculty page of '56 Yearbook.
Page 05 - Gloria recalls the day her faculty picture was taken.
Page 06 - Gloria questions Stryker about structure of Canadian government.
Page 07 - Mary Petrie Thompson and baby "Meatloaf" Merrick with Eileen Anderson Hoch.
Page 08 - Merrick
Page 09 - Scarlett "fueling up".
Page 10 - Scarlett, Stryker "reading" pictures.
Page 11 - Scarlett and Stryker doing some serious reading.
Page 12 - Stryker and Scarlett looking back at camera as Gloria is seen reading.
Page 13 - Stryker at the video games using his "bribe" money.
Page 14 - Eileen Anderson Hoch.
Page 15 - Gloria signs a book for "Uncle" Alan