USA Citizenship Ceremony

Notes below are actual captions from Andy Swank's Snapfish photo album.
(Not all of the photos are included in the show.)
USA Citizenship Ceremony, California Court held at Quiet Canyon Golf Club Aug 13. 2008

Outside line for 30 minutes

The Swearing in Ceremony

New Citizen

30 minute wait inside to get Certificate

New Dress, shoes, & handbag were gift from Cid

New Flag was gift from Andrew (garage sale $6)

Philip named this "Patriotic Cleavage"

For "Good Luck" Priscilla wore ring from her Mother, ring from OE Penang, Philip's gold necklace, Photo with Cartoon Best Wishes from Bill Swank, and Flag from Bill Swank

Aunt Violet was Priscilla's Favorite of Estelle Swank's Sisters, and Priscilla was Aunt Violet's favorite of "Niece in-laws."

BoBo Jiang's Children, Jeff & Hank

BoBo's Husband, David Chen, as they all came for making cup-cakes

Raymond, Tess, Austin & Vanessa arrived same day

This Barbie's Doll House is a BIG hit

It has sound and doorbell rings, and toilet sounds like a toilet's flush

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