Photo Number 1
Photo Number 2
Your subjects have to be brave because most pictures have them posing in the middle of the street.

1. Pick a popular or scenic street scene.

2. Have subjects walk toward you and stop in the middle of the street. (Use the intersection so you can take advantage of traffic lights and motorist awareness)

3. Take picture of the subjects in the middle of the street - Photo 1.

4. Photographer now goes to opposite side of street and has subjects come back in reverse direction.

5. When subjects reach the center of the street, they each turn 180 degrees so they are facing the buildings on the side they left and their backsides are toward you, the photographer. Take Photo Number 2.

Photo Number 1
Photo Number 2

Reverse imagery is a function available with most photo software, in this case Adobe Photoshop Elements
Here are couple of samples of reverse imagery with some guidance for amateur photographers.

Here is an appropriate application of reverse imagery. Only those who are intimately familiar with the scenery can tell you if the statue is correctly on the right or left or if Gert wears her watch on her left arm or right arm.  NEXT - INAPPROPRIATE USE

Inappropriate application of reverse imagery. Most people will be drawn to the word "innovate". This is a scene at the entrance to Moffett Federal Air Field, I took for my forthcoming circular on signage. Note a portion of the largest hangar in the world, Hangar 1 to the right of the "o" in the left hand picture.