On Saturday evening, 19 November 2005, Pete (C2) and Barbara Gleichenhaus of San Francisco were hosts at their home for a retirement and farewell dinner for Doctor and Colonel (Ret) Harry G. "Hank" (L2) and Ashley Rennegal. Hank is retiring from the faculty of Stanford University, and he and Ashley are making a one-stop move from the San Francisco Bay Area to their farm in northeast Georgia. The stop will be for a year near Los Angeles while they provide support during and after the birth of a grandchild. Other dinner guests were classmates Pete (I1) and Jenny Offringa; Jeanne Richards, widow of Larry (A1) Richards; Charles (I1) and Vera Burns; Bill (B1) and Linda Esselstein, Al (E1) and Joan Wells; and Alan (D1) Lubke.

Hank is shown in the picture applauding the Gleichenhauses for a splendid dinner and for their two decades of leadership in bringing classmates of '61 together in the Bay Area.

Now! See Barbara Gleichenhaus' pictures of the event.
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