October 4, 2010. PG&E crew is digging hole to reach 30" pipeline at nearest accessible point from the blast.
This section is "dead" from here to the right (south) down the easement 500 yards to the shut off valve on Rollingwood Drive.
MARK 1- Two-story house with twin windows near roof peak.
Note chalk in street where pipline crosses Catalpa Way north toward the direction of the fire.
Behind equipment is easement which runs south paralleling Fleetwood Drive to Rollingwood Drive where the cutoff valve in located.
MARK 2- White garage (center of picture) on left side of street with one side window and windows in door. You are looking south on Fleetwood Drive at the intersection with Catalpa Way.
MARK3 - Our flag flies next to the previous MARK. This is our home at 2550 Fleetwood Drive. Again you are looking south on Fleetwood Drive.
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