Alan Lubke's letter of 8 February, 2012 (4 pages) READ
Ltr to VA Officials from Alan Lubke, 12 January 2012

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3 Feb 2012 (2 pages)

Captioned Photos
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Car 1 ft. from wall Photo speaks for itself.
Same car still 1 ft. from wall Veterans deserve better than this.
White car next to wall. View to campus from garage. Going to the upper levels? Take the stairs. There is no sign outside to tell Veterans that this is a pedestrian garage entrance!
Red car one foot from right wall. No exit for passenger. This is the sign that all drivers see as they enter the campus. The Patient/Visitor Parking Garage
is on the right. Wouldn't an arrow be good here pointing to the garage?
No passenger exit. Here is the only sign that pedestrians see and all pedestrians enter this way amidst vehicular traffic!
Tough exit for an obese veteran. "No Wheel Chair Access" sign
Tough passenger exit "Pay $1 to park" kiosk has not been in use since 1983.
Car 2 ft. from wall. No exit this side. If driver gets out to pay, this is what they see.
Two feet is OK if you are young, thin, and healthy. Go up these stairs and into the garage for more stairs to get to the garage's only elevator.
My guess is the person on the left is an employee and crawls in through the back door. There is no outside entrance to the elevator at ground level! This is the second level
and you had to take stairs to get here.
Try getting out of this Ford! Here are the "up" stairs to get to the roof level and the "Elevator to Nowhere"

Not good for the "less-than-nimble" to exit these cars.

Here's the elevator entrance on the roof. When the sign says "Stairs Exit", it means just that -- don't take the elevator if you want to exit the garage!
If he/she is going to park at the right edge of the line, the adjacent car driver is going to have to park at the right edge of his/her line so he/she can get out of his/her car! Not only in case of fire, but always use the stairway for exit!
Typical of the parking difficulty between regular-sized vehicles. Stairs from ground level to roof top are shown. This is difficult for many driving Veterans with limited movement.
Far right white car is parked up to the right line and makes it tight for driver (seen attempting to enter) to open door. If this dinosaur isn't removed, at least paint over the sign. This kiosk hasn't been used in 20 years! See Photo 26
My guess is that the car on the left belongs to a nimble employee who counts on the car to the right to park between the lines. Same photo. Go to Image 26 to see gutted interior. THIS IS AN EMBARASSING DISGRACE FOR MANAGEMENT!
No wonder she is trying to get in the car from the passenger side. "NO WHEELCHAIR ACCESS". Ramps are too steep. The limited footprint for the building prohibited the elevator from providing access at ground level. I repeat, there is no elevator access at ground level for anyone, let alone Veterans in wheelchairs
If he were obese, he would not be able to drive this car away. There is no parking enforcement at SFVA Medical Center. There is no way to determine who is a patient, vendor, shopper/diner at the Exchange, attendee at seminar, tourist looking for a view/access to a walking path.


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