Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin:
Two Mama Grizzlies Meet Up in Alaskan Wilderness - Highlights

Kate in the 49th State

Sarah and Kate started out with some pre-camp training. First, they attended a "Learn to Return" survival class where they learned how to avoid bears out in the wilderness. Then, they went to the Rabbit Creek Rifle Range where they both took target practice.

Afterwards, they took a little excursion to Sarah's dad's home. He gave them a hands-on history and natural environment lesson. They got to pick up and hold Alaskan artifacts from Chuck's enormous collection. GO WITH CAUTION TO THE UNABRIDGED VERSION

The Palins and Gosselins were now ready to embark on their joint family camping trip. They took a float plane to the southern tip of Denali National Park in the Talkeetna Mountains. The original plan was to camp out for a couple of nights with Sarah's dad, Chuck, and her brother, Chuck Jr. - both teachers and lovers of the great outdoors.

They seemed to have picked the perfect place to set up camp. The scenery was magnificent - a sight to behold!

But, it was pouring rain on their beautiful vacation site. Kate was disappointed and thought the rain might put a damper on the trip. Sarah lamented "Rain or shine, Alaskans still find a way to have fun." So, they went ahead and pitched their tents and gathered wood for the fire.

Sarah's dad encouraged Kate's eight to make as much noise as they wanted. He told them it might help keep bears away from the camp!

The kids all fished at the water's edge and stumbled upon some old sets of teeth and bone from spawning salmon. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy their experiences in the wilds of Alaska. Sarah told them that camping was a great tradition in her family. She talked about how she much she enjoyed camping when she was growing up. She believes it's important to get away from the stress of daily life, go outdoors and get in touch with nature.

Sarah's brother helped the kids make an outline of the 49th state using the river rocks they'd gathered. And then, it was time for lunch - moose hot dogs with s'mores for dessert.

Kate was not prepared for the inconveniences of the wilderness in pouring rain. She missed having a table, utensils and hand sanitizer. She stayed under the cover of a canopy. After a few hours there, she decided it might be best if the Gosselins packed up and moved on.

Kate was out of her element. Sarah was in hers.

Kate plus eight left The Last Frontier State and called it a day. But, the Palins made the best of the less than ideal weather conditions.

"Cold weather brings a family closer together," Sarah said. So they huddled around the campfire, told stories and laughed together.

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