Grant, christened Grattan, Mahony graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1939 with a degree in Forestry.

He attended the Army's Basic Flying School at Randolph Field, Texas from 27 Sept-18 Dec 1939. He then attended Advanced Flying School at Kelly Field, Texas from 19 Dec 1939 - 23 Mar 1940.  This advanced flying class was designated Flying School Class 40-A.  Most of the information that you will see on these pages came from the documented history of the members of that class by the Flying School Class 40-A Association.

The material from that history was researched and copied for George B. Ferris, Jr. by Edwin F. Carey, Jr. in 1983. Carey had an inside track on access to these records because his agency housed them. He was serving as Executive Director of the International Aerospace Hall of Fame in San Diego.  Further, and more importantly, he had been a Class 40-A classmate of Grant Mahony and had served with him Selfridge Air Field before the war!

George Ferris, my next door neighbor, had been a member of the same squadron as Grant Mahony when Grant commanded the 76th Fighter Squadron of the 23d Fighter Group of the 14th Air Force. The Squadron was in Kunming, China at the time. George, a member of the 23d Fighter Group Association wrote a note in their association publication in 1983 seeking information about Grant Mahony. It caught the eye of another member of the same association -- the aforementioned Edwin F. Carey, Jr. -- who searched and found the records and forwarded them to George under the cover letter seen below.

Note:  JBJ is the abbreviation of the 23d Fighter Group (Flying Tigers) Association publication, the JING BAO JOURNAL.

Alan Lubke
20 September 2003
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