360 Degrees of Integration - The Inspiration

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Alan Lubke with cousins Shirley Babb, Julie Seibert, and Gert Shellenbarger
on the Babb's cul-de-sac in Eugene, OR. They are standing with a backdrop of
Chris Miller's ostentatious two-story manor and the magnificent cul-de-sac
garden located on the Babbs' circle along with their palatial
rambler at 2306 Park Grove, Eugene, OR 97408.

You start with a last name, connect with a first name, and back to a last name or vice versa. It's as simple as that. The only rule is that there be a class, or group link to all the persons involved. I call it "360 degrees of integration" because it can go full circle if you will. Tonight, (Monday, 12-09-2002)the quarterbacks for the Bears in their game against the Dolphins are Chris Chandler who came in for the injured Jim Miller. Ursula started it by asking who was playing and pointing to Chris Chandler. We just kept going and going. Chris Chandler, Chris Miller, Jim Miller, Ralph Miller, Bill Mueller ..... etc. etc.

This pastime was born of a mistake in calling a person by the wrong name and trying to save myself from embarassment.

Sometimes the links can be a creative and entertaining ensemblage. Our references of this evening call to mind the occasion on 04-20-2002 when I was standing in front of Chris Miller's house with three of my cousins, Shirley Babb among them. Shirley and her sisters are the daughters of George and Caroline Lubke Hamilton. I wanted to make sure that her sisters, Julia Seibert and Gert Shellenbarger knew that Shirley lived in the same cul de sac as that of Ralph Miller and was corrected by Shirley. You see, it was not Ralph Miller, but Chris Miller's house, and I won't go into all the details, except to say Shirley could have been a lot rougher on me. You see Chris played football for the University of Oregon and the Babbs are Oregon State Beavers. On the contrary, Shirley's husband, Bert was a great friend of the late Ralph Miller, Oregon State National Basketball Hall of Fame basketball coach. Both Bert and Ralph are famous for their contributions to athletics at Oregon State University. Bert (Bert Babb) and Shirley just donated the lights for the baseball field for the Oregon State Beavers, a field he used to roam as an outstanding player. The first night game was played in 2002.

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Pronounced "Miller"

- - - - - and on and on it goes, where she stops nobody knows.

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