The NorthShore Inline Marathon for 2005
7:30 a.m., Saturday September 17th, 2005
Theodore at the finish line. His time for this 26.2 mile race was
1 hour 24:00 min, 44th out of 466 in men's fitness, 8th out of 59 in his age group within that category, and about 320th out of 3,500 overall. The winning time was 1 hour and 3:08 minutes.

1278 Theo Lubke 57 8/59 44/466 1:24:00 3:13 pace
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When will Theodore arrive in Duluth? Sometime on Friday, September 16th, 2005. Mary (Theo's mom) will be picking him up at MSP and driving him to Duluth.

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How many waves (speed categories) are there?
What is the "cut-off finishing time" for the Elite Wave?
(Cat 1-Advance)
What is the "cut-off finishing time" for the 7th Rec Wave?
(Cat 4- 9th Wave)
UP TO - 1:17:54
(One hour, 17 minutes and 54 sec)

BETWEEN - 2:30:40 - 3:30:00 1
How many skaters will participate?
What is the starting time for the first wave of marathoners?
7:30 a.m., Saturday September 17th, 2005
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What size long sleeve T-shirt do I wear?

What family members will be at the race to support Theodore? Mary (Theo's mom).  Mary (sister), her husband John, and their three children, Stryker, Scarlett, and Merrick.
How will Theodore return to New Jersey? Partly by skating as, after the marathon, he goes on a 5 day skating tour in Minnesota with a group of 20 skaters starting Sunday morning, Sept 18th. They have vans and support vehicles. He will leave MSP for New Jersey on Thursday, Sept 22.
What's the story on the NorthShore Inline Half Marathon? The NorthShore Inline Marathon is proud to announce it's Second Annual Half Marathon for 2005. This race will take place on the same legendary course as the full marathon 13.1 miles from the finish line and will start at 6:45 a.m. Application can be completed on this web site. Categories include all age groups in both genders. Buses will be provided from the DECC and will start loading at 5:30 a.m. Application is limited to the first 1,000 skaters to apply. To participate in the 1/2 marathon you must be 11 years old on or before race day. The Half Marathon is presented by WDIO / WIRT Television
What did Brennan and Scott Olson, brothers from Bloomington, invent in 1980? Rollerblades

What size long sleeve T-shirt do I wear?


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