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Instructions for voting on-line for Tank and Bart

STEP 1. OPEN the link,

STEP 2. No need to sign in. CLICK "View and Vote" button under the picture of the horse showing its teeth.

STEP 3. At the selection cell, ""Find your entry" , arrow down until you find: "Tank and Bart - Santa Ana".

STEP 4. Click "Save Vote" and keep repeating until you are timed out. This will occur after you have clicked "Save Vote" ten times.

STEP 5. Close the link, wait a minute, then re-open and repeat the process.

STEP 1. OPEN the link,

Why I support this campaign.

a. Tank and Bart are my favorite horses and besides, their picture is the cutest thing that I have ever seen.

b. There's nothing like an animal pulling a cart with a passenger in a parade. Bart is a 22 year old miniature horse that pulls his owner Deede by cart in parades around Orange, LA and Riverside counties. Tank, a 6 year old Morgan/Quarter horse is Bart's best friend.

c. Coming from behind to win is an exhilarating elixir. Tank and Bart was more than 500 votes behind on Tuesday, April 14, 2009. Share the achievement, share the joy when the contest ends on April 30, 2009 and the winners are announced in the Orange County Register, May 1, 2009..

d. I support all 22 year old horses who are asked to pull more than their own weight, especially overworked, underfed miniatures.

e. Bart pulling the cart reminds me of Byron Haugh trotting his "carted" pony in Lebanon, MO.

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