Henmar "Gabe" Gabriel was my roommate at West Point during my junior year. He started the Cadet Parachute Club as you can read in the story below.

Bottom line I would be at his induction ceremony if I could, but can't. So I humbly ask you if you could go as my emmisary and tell Gabe that I asked you to go in my stead because I wanted to be there so badly.

February 7, 2009
Dear Family, Classmates, Friends and Fellow Jumpers,

On February 14th at Felicity, CA at about 4PM I will be inducted into the Sport Parachuting Hall of Fame for my far reaching vision back in 1958 in starting the Cadet Sport Parachute Club and for my continuing support for the sport and the club. Felicity, CA is across the Colorado River from Yuma, AZ. If you can, come down and see the show. Both the Army’s Golden Knights and West Point’s Black Knights will be doing jumps at the ceremony. Both of my sons and one of Susie’s sons will be there. In addition I will have a grandson, Brendan, and a granddaughter, Hutton, there. Brendan and I will be in our Dress Blues.

We recently celebrate 50 years of jumping at West Point and I snuck in a jump from 14,000 feet [tandem].

In addition to me, Ted Strong of Strong Parachutes and the first person brought into the Army to be a coach for the team at West Point will be inducted. Jacques Istel will be honored by the United States Parachute Association with an award for a Lifetime spent jumping, training others and supporting the sport.

For my classmates and friends in Arizona Susie and I will be at Sedona from February 6th to 13th. I have two sons in Peoria, AZ and Susie has a grandson at Northern Arizona University. We will be visiting them part of the time. Let us know if you can stop by and chat, or if we can meet you someplace.

Blue Skies for Valentine’s Day!