The Henmar Gabriel Tour, 2002
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Henmar Gabriel, Susie Gabriel, and Alan on the steps in San Francisco's City Hall.   Photo by Bob Kellman
Photo by Bob Kellman.   L to R:   Bob Kellman, Ex Class of '63, West Point.  Pete Gleichenhaus, Lake Merced (LM) Club Member.   Henmar Gabriel, co-founder of the U.S. Army Black Knights Parachute Team.   Alan Lubke, Senior Tour coordinator for the Henmar and Susie Gabriel 2002 Tour.
Julie Wilson, right, appearing at the Plush Room, York Hotel, San Francisco 2002. Shown with Julie are two of her ardent fans, Susie and Henmar Gabriel.. Julie is a singer, superstar of the caberet scene, and has appeared in several motion pictures. Bob Kellman, former San Francisco theatre stage-doorman-extraordinaire is a close personal friend of Miss Wilson and the custodian of her theatrical archives.  Photos by Bob Kellman

A reunion photo of three members of the West Point Class of 1961 and their spouses. Henmar Gabriel and Alan Lubke were roommates in Company D-1, and Pete Gleichenhaus was the starting guard of the 1960-61 USMA basketball team. L to R: Susie Gabriel, Henmar Gabriel, Ursula Lubke, Alan lubke, Barbara Gleichenhaus, D. Peter "Pete" Gleichenhaus. Photo by Bob Kellman.

L to R:  Bob Kellman - Ex-Class of '63 and Evening Tour Coordinator; Susie Gabriel; Henmar Gabriel; Ursula Lubke; Alan Lubke - Senior/Day Tour Coordinator; and Pete and Barbara Gleichenhaus just back last night from their family reunion in Hawaii. Location: Lake Merced Golf and Tennis Club, Daly City, CA. Photos by Bob Kellman.
1977 - 2002
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