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Cap 01 That's Alan Lubke between the pregnant twins, Doctor Kelly Lee, left and Detective Rachel Andrew, right. Bryn Marie Sopko is on the far right. Kelly (in black suit) had to have permission from her doctor to travel from Columbus, IN to Portland because she is at nine months..  It will be the second child for the Lees and the first for Andrews. Photo from the digital camera of Jeff Sopko.
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Cap 02 The distinguished, handsome Karl Haugh Esq.: brother of John, husband, father, dog owner, court arbitrator, Army Reserve Colonel Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. This photo and those that follow are by Alan Lubke, from the very first roll from his new 35 mm camera, a Canon Sure Shot.
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Cap 03
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Cap 04 This was the sketch that appeared on the Oregon Bar Association Journal when John was elected its President. There were many other pictures and objects of treasured memory in the hall including a framed fishing fly tied by his famous fly-tying brother, Byron Haugh.
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Cap 05 John's sketch and the beautiful natural wreath from his brother and sister-in-law, Karl and Jeannie Haugh.
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Cap 06 A magnificent bouquet brought to the recreation room after the mass. These were sent by Mary Lubke, cousin of John Haugh. Mary's mother Genevieve and John's mother, Veronica were sisters and the two youngest of ten children of Joseph and Mary B. (Arendt) Feipel..
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Cap 07 Karl Haugh and his wife, Jeannie Haugh facing each other. In the middle is Phyllis Haugh.
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Cap 08
John F. Haugh
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Cap 09
Dan Andrew
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Cap 10
Bud Lucas, Executor and Karl.  John specified potted plants for his service.