JUNE 1, 1940

L to R: Lawrence "Gramp" Feipel; Nick Feipel; John Feipel; Mark Haugh, brother of the groom and father of the twin boys in the photo; George Feipel; Margaret Fredrickson, niece of the bride; Jack Haugh, groom; Veronica (Feipel) Haugh, bride; Kate (Mrs. Nick) Feipel, sister-in-law of the bride; Jimmy Deegan; Ceil Casey; and Jim Cleary, close friend of the groom and neighboring farmer. The twin boys are Roland ("Rolly") Haugh at left and Robert Haugh at right, sons of Mark Haugh, 4th from left in photo, brother of the groom.

Photo was taken at the home of the mother of the bride, Mary B. Feipel at 716 Third Street, Farmington, Minnesota on June 1, 1940.
For reference, starred* if pictured, the eight adult survivor Feipel siblings: -- ( of 11 children born to Joseph and Mary B.(Arendt) Feipel, three died young) -- and their spouses were:

(1) Ann (Feipel) and George Hastings,
(2) John* and Della Feipel,
(3) Lawrence* and Evelyn Feipel,
(4) George* and Ceil Feipel,
(5) Nick* and Kate Feipel,
(6) Marie (Feipel) and Joe Fredrickson,
(7) Veronica* (Feipel) and Jack Haugh,
(8) Genevieve (Feipel) and Oscar Lubke.

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