An Amend

For those of you who have been following the case and felt ire as I did, by the malignment of the staff of the City of Daly City, this link should bring you some calming of that passion. The Chronicle has today, December 4, 2003, accurately referred to the location of the "eroding hillside/big muddy mess on the pavement" as "at DeLong Street and Santa Cruz Avenue in San Francisco", rather than the earlier (November 17, 2003) disingenuous description as "near the BART Station in Daly City".

Although this follow-up article (BOTTOM HALF ABOVE) is neither a correction nor an apology, especially to the earlier statement that "calls (by the complainant) to city (unspecified) agencies (unspecified) haven't helped", it is nonetheless, an amend and amends are good.


Alan Lubke
Vicar and Founding Member, Friends of the Daly City Public Works Department;
Member, Wellstone Action Network, "Continuing their work for a better, more just and sustainable future",

cc: D. Peter Gleichenhaus, Director of Public Works, City of Daly City, CA

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