AN EDITORIAL exclusively for www.ojlubke BY ALAN LUBKE
Although Pete continues to be pictured every few weeks in the San Francisco Chronicle* about the Lake Merced sidewalk project which is really being delayed by a San Francisco project to shore up a small dam on Lake Merced, the San Mateo Times continues to give him the heralding he deserves about the way he leads his staff and manages his operation. Here is another mention from the Times, this time from Saturday June 21, 2003.
* It took the third Chronicle article to finally mention that the critical path (no pun intended) to completion of the sidewalk project was really the City and County of San Francisco. The first two articles had EXCLUSIVELY! placed the onus on the bordering suburb of Daly City, and in particular, the Public Works Department headed by D. Peter Gleichenhaus for scheduling and completing this scenic walkway and bicycle route along Lake Merced.

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