Burns would preempt Gleichenhaus' chances for CA governship

In today's July 25, 2003 San Francisco Chronicle, Charles P. Burns advocates the resignation of Governor Gray Davis. If fruitful, Burns' recommendation would preempt the California Recall Election and the opportunity for his 1961 West Point classmate and within-a-short-walking-distance San Francisco neighbor, D. Peter Gleichenhaus to have his name placed on the now scheduled October 7, 2003 gubernatorial ballot.

Earlier this month on these pages, it was noted that Gleichenhaus, Director of the Department of Public Works for Daly City has had his picture on the front page of the SF Bay Area section of the Chronicle more times this year than any other California politico. Ironically, his picture is featured again today, this time with the notation that his project has been on the Chronicle's list for 99 days. His "89th day" appearance was our feature at:

In fairness to Gleichenhaus, the sidewalk project cited in the Chronicle is one that has been blocked by a critical path, (no pun intended) on the work plan of the Public Works Department of the City of San Francisco.