This first Farmington High School Alumni Association Directory is dedicated to Mrs. Elaine Lehr Anderson (Mrs. Earl U.), Class of 1939, in appreciation of all her long hard hours of typing class lists, looking up and checking correct addresses of people, addressing envelopes for the reunions, telephoning for corrections in addresses, and keeping the lists up to date as to addresses and change of names for those getting married. For all this Elaine, we give you a big THANK YOU.

Farmington High School Alumni Association

This dedication appears on the first page of the typed-by-hand 1969 directory entitled:


Far less important is how I came by a copy of the list in the year 2004. SEE BELOW
Dear FHS Schoolmates and Friends of Farmington High School:

Norman (my brother) Lubke recently returned from Farmington where he brought me Ruth Cook's copy of the first "Farmington High School Alumni Association Directory", apparently printed in 1969.

I have begun typing lists by Class starting with 1950 and working my way forward toward 1969. Should you be interested in seeing your class key entered sooner (sooner than my "honey do" list priorities will permit me sitting at my terminal), please let me know.

Let me assure you that doing a class doesn't take that long since I only have to key enter Last and First names in a master table once! My web software Dreamweaver then automatically sorts the names by desired column, i.e., it automatically sorts all the names from By Class, Alphabetically to Alphabetically by Class.

Corrections and additions are always appreciated. I am transferring only last and first names and am not copying any other items included on the original roster which are: an asterisk for deceased, married or not married, name of spouse, and address. I would be happy to provide you by e-mail any of this circa 1969 information from the hard copy of the list at any time.

Go now to my web site for this information:


Alan Lubke
June 4, 2004