Little lovely, friendly town
Bright beneath your maple trees--
With your dooryards sending out
Lilac scent upon the breeze;
Through the hurried years, I trust,
In the changes you have made
That you kept your dooryards sweet,

Kept your arching trees for shade;
Kept the friendliness I knew
In the olden, golden days--
Kept your hands in welcome out,
Kept your neighborly, fine ways;
With your home lamps and your fires,

Glowing out upon each street
For the stranger in your midst
Passing by on lonely feet;
Kept your small-town sympathy--
Kept your laughter and your tears--

Have you kept them, little town
Through these difficult, hard years?
If you have, I think some day,
Like a magnet strong and true,
You will reach across the miles
And will draw me back to you.

Appeared in the Dakota County Tribune and was written around March of 1934. Reprinted in Farmington Independent, August 17, 1995.

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Pending any objections, I declare this to be
the official poem of
Farmington, Minnesota,
and post it to my website
this day of our Lord, June 18, 2006
- Alan Lubke