Thanks for writing. As you can maybe guess you are not the first to let us know about our relocation of the church. We heard from several people after that, and corrected information actually appeared in three places last week -- in our regular correction spot, under the photo and in a letter to the editor. I'm not sure how the wrong information got in with the original photo. Michelle says she knew the right location but somehow when she typed it the streets came out wrong.

As for photos of the other churches, I'm not sure what other photos Michelle has gathered.

Nathan Hansen
Nathan Hansen
Farmington Independent
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Editor, Farmington Independent

Nathan Hansen:

Re: The April 1, 2004 "Looking Back".

The photo caption of the Methodist Episcopal Church says "once located on the corner of Spruce and Fourth Streets." Dan Whittier, responding to my web site copy of the photo and caption,
, asks:

///////// Alan,

I can see that the paper puts the church on Spruce and Fourth, but when did they move it from Fourth and Oak????

April 11, 2004

Nathan, you have to picture yourself in Farmington 50 years ago when the population was only about 1000 and the Methodist Church was at the center of town and it was one of seven or eight churches and everyone went to church and many of us went to school in the churches (and City Hall) because there was no room in the school, to see how important it is that a correction be printed as soon as possible. I would like to see a complete pictorial of the churches as they were at that time. My recall is that in 1954, there was a separate Episcopal Church on the south side of Oak east of Fourth. Would you please then date your picture and title the photo of Methodist Church at the northeast corner of Fourth and Oak accordingly? I believe it was the Presbyterian Church that was located at (the northwest corner of) Spruce and Fourth Streets.

Alan Lubke
Easter Sunday
April 11, 2004

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