Bed and Breakfast opens in "McBrien" house, June 2006

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This story was diligently copied from the May 18, 2006 Farmington Independent without permission.

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TC DAVIS MANOR | Soon-to-open bed and breakfast has taken more than two years of work

Sweet dreams


It has taken more than two years of hard work and planning, but Lisa Bolduc is about to have a dream come true. Next month, Lisa and her husband, Steve, will officially open their T.C. Davis Manor Bed and Breakfast at 520 Oak Street in Farmington.

The Queen Anne-style house was not the couple's first choice. For that matter, Farmington was not high on the Bolducs' list. They did not know what the city was really like, Lisa Bolduc said. They imagined Farmington as the kind of city its name suggests: a bunch of farms and not much else. They checked out the house, she said, on a whim as much as anything.

Once they saw it , though, they knew they had found the right place.

"We fell in love with it and knew right way this was where we wanted to do it," Bolduc said. (We loved) the beauty of it. It had a nice big lot we liked. The house was in good shape…. We fell in love with the woodwork and could see the potential."

Getting at that potential has taken a lot of work. The Bolducs ripped out carpet and restored original wood floors. They created attached bathrooms for two of their three guest rooms. For the White Dove Room, the largest of their rooms, that meant reinforcing the floor to support a hot tub big enough to hold at least two.

The Bolducs created a seating area in their back yard, complete with a waterfall and two ponds. They envision the yard as the setting for small wedding and other gatherings.

The couple turned the home's attic into a room for themselves.

The rest of the home is sparsely decorated but elegant. There is a gas fireplace and a functioning antique organ in the living room and a game table in a smaller study.

"We definitely tried to bring the beauty out of the home," Bolduc said. "We tried to enhance the historical part of it."

The couple's daughter, who studied at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, will help them with food.

Drawing power?

The Bolducs found more than they expected when they came to Farmington but they also found less than they would like. A brochure for the bed and breakfast talks up downtown Farmington, the Vermillion River and area golf courses as nearby attractions, but Bolduc would like to see a little more to make the city an attractive destination. She is already working with Ann Manthey, owner of downtown's new Memory Creek scrapbooking store, to create weekend scrapbooking packages for groups.

"I'm hoping they'll build a little more, make it the historical charm I think it can be," Bolduc said.

In the meantime, Bolduc is doing what she can to make the Davis Manor the cozy getaway she has been imagining for so long.

"I love the ambiance," Bolduc said. "I love that it can be romantic, it can be relaxing. It's all the little extras that go into it and make the experience unique and fun.

"I want it to be a place where married people can come and rekindle their relationship," she said. "Where friends can come and have a good time."

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