This is a true story, it really happened.
The time, place, and events have not been changed to protect anyone's innocence.

Shortly after returning from Viet-nam, I took leave from Fort Sill and visited my parents in Farmington, Minnesota. The year was 1965.

Donning my Army Green Class A uniform, I walked the few blocks from our 716 Third Street home to the downtown area of Farmington to see old friends and acquaintances. I dropped in on my high school classmate, Dick Snyder who was then the manager of the Rotty Home Furniture store on Third. Dick was also a member of the local reserve infantry unit, part of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard).

Dick pointed to my ribbons and asked what they were. Proudly I started with my Bronze Star, after which Dick remarked: "My aunt Mary has one of those".

I felt quite humbled as I walked back home.

Now fast forward 40 years to the year 2005. According to Dick's aunt Mary's obituary in the Farmington Independent, she had not only been awarded the Bronze Star, but was: "the first woman ever to receive the Bronze Star for courageous action during active duty!"
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