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Art Dikas, former batboy of the San Francisco Seals is seen in a Friends of Marino Pieretti Club jacket with Alan Lubke, San Francisco  Seals Jersey Inaugural Award  recipient. Picture is by Gaylon "Whizzer" White, baseball author and historian, at a luncheon in Pacifica, California for members of the Friends of Marino Pieretti Club. Featured speaker was Bill Swank, author of  Echoes from Lane Field. (Click highlight to see extract from this award-winning book about the Old San Diego Padres.)

Marino Pieretti
Major League Baseball Pitcher

Marino Pieretti
Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 153 lbs.
Born: Sep 23, 1920 in Luccia, Italy
Died: Jan 30, 1981 in San Francisco, California
College: None


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The Friends of Marino Pieretti Club*
by Alan Lubke

After being sent down from the majors, San Francisco native Marino Pieretti finished his playing days with the Sacramento Solons. After his last game, Marino returned to San Francisco where he became despondent and isolated himself at his home. When his boyhood friends became aware of the situation, they formed a group to visit Marino every day to nourish and rejuvenate him. They were successful. They have continued their efforts to this day by bringing replenishment and comaraderie to men in need through their club. From their membership dues and donations, they also contribute to appropriate worthy causes such as the Hannah Boys Center.

*Gleaned from conversations with members at the luncheon, most of whom had consumed more than their limit of alcohol and who could hardly be heard over the din of everyone trying to tell each other their favorite San Francisco baseball story.

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Photo Credit: Photo is from 1955 Sacramento Solons
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