On June 22, 2003, the BART extension opened for service. You can see the BART extension on this page as the three lines going south out of Daly City.  Read about the BART extension at the BART website.   http://www.bart.gov/news/features/news_8486.asp

Some clarifying points about the so-called "ill-conceived shuttle" line which provides service on a short provides service exclusively to and from SFO/BART Millbrae. See the short red line on the route map at the bottom of this page.

Not "ill conceived". The author doesn't give credit to the fact that the line from SFO to Millbrae will eventually lengthen to be SFO to San Jose. (Just as the other new line comes directly into SFO from San Francisco -- see the blue line route on the accompanying map, stopping at many points on the way including the next to last stop, San Bruno , so will, eventually, the red line come in to SFO from the south). Those desiring to by-pass SFO going to and from San Francisco to Millbrae, and to and from San Jose in the future to Millbrae can now, and will be able to do so by taking the yellow line and the yellow line yet to be extended, respectively.

Persons flying out of SFO for the day can park in BART Millbrae for $2 for 24 hours. Thus, the BART Millbrae parking lot is destination in and of itself in addition to the CALTRAIN connection.

Be it known to all who would park in the the CALTRAIN STATION Millbrae, that the CALTRAIN PARKING LOT is a block away from the new TRAIN STATION itself which is contiguous to the BART STATION. This means if you use the CAL TRAIN PARKING LOT and have bags, you have to schelp them to and from your car.

FINAL ANALYSIS:  Notwithstanding his other comments, Armando Fox (left side) is correct in his assertion that the frequency of the shuttle, red line, should be increased.

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