Swank Bros.
The Swank brothers, Bill and Andy are originally from Indiana. They both attended Farmington, Minnesota public school before moving to San Diego, CA and matriculating at Mission High and San Diego State University.
They are famous for having an aunt Myrtle Jensen Peterson from McKinley, WI. who is featured in the book "All The Presidents Residents" as that town's most prominent resident.
Their dad, William Sr., had a sales force that sold enough single sheet toilet paper for Scott Paper Co. to stretch to the moon and back..
Their mother, Estelle Jensen Swank, had she been alive at the time, would have received the inaugural Malcom Baldrdige Award for the efficieny program she implemented at General Dynamics Astronautics of San Diego.
Both are lifetime members of the www.ojlubke.com Family Hall of Fame, but more importantly they are, and have been since about 1952 when we first met at the basketball court known as Johnson's Barn, my friends.
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