This souvenir ashtray was selected fom an antique store in Hastings, MN by my second cousin, Kathleen (Kathy) Tuttle as a gift for me for assisting her family group from southern California in finding the good Feipel family sites in Farmington and the surrounding area so that they could clear their eyes by washing them with tears.

The date of their visit (and this is important) was: October 6 - October 8, 2011. My copy of the Farmington Independent for November 7, 2011 arrived about the same time that the ashtray did. A feature article appeared in that copy about Farmington Plumbing and Heating! Read the article on the next page. When I first saw it in juxtaposition with the souvenir, a chill (pun intended) went up and down my spine. ARTICLE
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