Text of Alan Lubke's Speech to San Bruno City Council, August 20, 2003
Honorable Council:

My name is Alan Lubke, 2550 Fleetwood Drive, San Bruno. I am a write-in candidate for City Council. I was the Deputy County - Clerk Recorder, Registrar of Elections for 7 years serving under both Marvin Church and Warren Slocum.

This Council has in my opinion, a tarnished reputation as far as election procedures are concerned and I want to help you tonight from going into further degradation. This council is known for having supported its now deceased City Clerk in her egregious move to lock out a live candidate for office during the open filing period, thus prohibiting that candidate from filing for election. This Council further sent the City Attorney to defend the City Clerk's actions before a Superior Court hearing. That City Attorney failed to recognize the seriousness of the matter, defending the actions of the City Clerk and calling the issue "a matter of small town politics". That was truly a sad day and a low water mark for the election process in San Mateo County -- a blatant misuse of public trust by an elected official. This was the same City Clerk who promoted herself on the City's web site until the day she died. Objection to that abuse was raised by myself in a letter to the Mayor and City Council of September 8, 2000, a request to abate which went unanswered.

Tonite, I ask that you take the matter of trust seriously and that those who are candidates for election recuse themselves by pushing their chairs back and not taking part any further in the discussion of this matter. And that when the time comes to vote on whether or not to hold an election that you abstain from voting. I ask that you look to your personal conscience in this regard and not to City Council or the City Clerk for advice.

Mayor Franzella, hand that gavel over to someone not running for reelection.

My name is Alan Lubke. I am an announced write-in candidate for City Council, a student at the College of San Mateo and a former Deputy County Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Elections

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