Political Action Committee is formed to see how San Bruno City Council deals the next hand
San Bruno Citizens for Good Signage (SBC GS)
A political action committee meeting was held Saturday evening at the home of Alan Lubke to discuss the initiation of a political action group to test the mettle of the City Council. It was decided to document the poor signage in San Bruno, e.g., no lighted sign on Sneath Lane directing persons to the City's new police station, a sign on San Bruno Avenue directing traffic to BART which leads to a dead end, mylar tape still flying from the BART "direction to" sign on Sneath Lane, a sign which was installed prior to 22 May 2003. (Today is September 1, 2003)

After viewing the videotape of Alan Lubke's speech to the City Council, the group comprised of Alan's wife Ursula, his brother and sister-in-law Norman and Barbara Lubke; 49 year and 11 month friend Andy Swank; Andy's son Raymond Swank and Raymond's wife Tess and their son Austin. Andy Swank a teacher of college preparation subjects to Naval Personnel is a true American patriot. (SEE PHOTO)

Andy suggested that labor support could be brought in by Emmitt, a San Bruno resident (See PHOTO) and famous spokesman for the San Francisco Columbarium.
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