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Surprise!  The Kevin Haughs dropped in on the Byron Haughs flying in on Thursday in April, 2002 and leaving on the following Monday.
Photos are by Marilyn Haugh.  Captions are by Alan Lubke.

Img 01

Cap 01
That's Sumo, left, in Kevin's arms.  Lisa Haugh is in center. Byron is on the right holding grandson Brant in his arms. (2002).
Img 02
Cap 02
Brant, B-R-A-N-T, as in Brat with an "n" insert, is a boy. He was born Brant Tomiji Haugh in August, 2001. Shown here with his mother, Lisa Laird Haugh. (2002)
Unsolicited Comments "Alan, you are too good!!!! What a surprise it was for us to hold our grandson. I had no idea they were coming. Flew in late Thurs. night and out early Mon. morning. The baby is beautiful and perfect!
Img 03
Cap 03

"Enough commentary. This show is about me.  On with the show!"

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Img 04A
Cap 04A
"Take a good look, kid. There's no grass when you get back to Minna Street!"
Img 04B
Cap 04B "Hand out of your mouth now, so we can add your picture to our hall of heroes on the wall."
Img 05A
Cap 05A "You know left-handed people are the best, so I want you to be left-handed. Reach into your eating tray now using your left hand".
Img 05B
Cap 05B
"Good job -- -- -- -- -- Lefty!"
Img 06
Cap 06
"Marilyn, Marilyn, come out wherever you are!"
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Img 07
Cap 07
"Daddy, do you want me to read you a story?"
Img 08
Cap 08
"That was so funny, I can't help but laughing myself!"
Img 09
Cap 09
"And I look this good without makeup or a haircut -- its the genes not the jeans!."
Img 10
Cap 10
"I'm even cute in black and white."
Img 11
Cap 11
"Women, you can't do without 'em -- and ain't it great!"
Img 12
Cap 12
"See what I mean -- they can really cook that yellow stuff!"
Img 13
Cap 13
"Well I really don't want a demonstration of HOW you do it -- I just want to eat it!"
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Img 14
Cap 14
"Hey, Sumo! Outbutt, ixnay, scram -- this is my pix series!"
Img 15
Cap 15
"That's more like it --single, solo, selfish, and 'serenity now'!"
Img 16
Cap 16
"Yes, Brant, 'xxxx' happens, and there's very little we can do about it."
Img 17
Cap 17
"Mom, let's play 'lip-pull' -- me first!"
Img 18
Cap 18
"Seriously, happiness is being with my mom!"
Img 19
Cap 19
"Screamingly happy!"
Img 20
Cap 20
"Aloha, Sumo. I'll miss you and hope to see you again."
Img 21
Cap 21
"Aloha, Brant.  I can't protect you from sadness, but I can help you bear it when it happens."
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P.S. Img
P.S. Img
P.S.:  Have you found Marilyn yet?  Take your time.  She is in this photo, believe me.
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