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000 - First and foremost! O.J. Lubke's Legacy

102 South Seventh Street, Montevideo, MN
195  Charlton Avenue, South Orange, NJ
Boleroridge Place, Escondido CA
427 Stryker Avenue, St. Paul, MN
716  Third Street, Farmington, MN
801 West 7th St., Hastings, MN
852 Mound St., St. Paul, MN
67533  South Laguna, Cathedral City, CA

442d Regimental Combat Team - "Go For Broke"
Airborne Division Mortar Incident - A serendipitous story - just another in the series of "Alan Lubke Presents".
 Bill Swank and I raise the flag  My diary from that day and a picture by Geri Swank.


Aesculap - March 1997 Personnel Roster- A photo copy.
Aesculap roster by Last Name
Aesculap by First Name
esculap Notes by Alan Lubke
Air - Current air quality forecast.
Airborne School - Graduation photo of Alan Lubke, September 1961. Available on demand.
lcohol and Other Drug Resources Web Page -- A complete national and local resources directory created by Alan Lubke, AOD studies student at the College of San Mateo, CA.
Alcoholics Anonymous - Therapy: Image Obsession
Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Studies -- Grade Sheet for presentation, SOSC 301
Alcohol (AOD) Studies SOSC 301 -- Appeal of Grade     Apology
Alan in Black Knight Jacket
Alan -- FHS letter jacket. Farmington High School '57, four sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball and Track).
Aldara  John Gerster's discovery of an immune stimulator to eradicate skin cancer.
llison and Vince Cendejas - Wedding Pictures
Allison and Vince Cendejas  of the Coast Guard - 2003.
llison's Soccer Patch 1993  El Modena girl's team for the Vantage Cup, 1993.
Allison at the Schleis - Rotter Wedding
Alou Brothers  Can you name the five (5) Alou brothers?  Let's see, there was Felipe, Matty . .
Ambassador Lubke   Interstate Goodwill Ambassador, S. A., from Southern Minnesota to Northern California    Note:  S.A. = Self Appointed
American Prowler, The   A good daily read for the progress of the war against terrorism.
n Incomplete Manifesto for Growth   You need no other plan for your life.
Anderson, Kevin   USMA Athletic Director.
Animated (1)  FOUR CANDLES - Animated sites worth viewing. (2)
Ann Landers as her column relates to the greatest story ever told about the Internet by Alan Lubke, or anyone else for that matter. See same under the entry "Face Blindness, aka Prosopagnosia".
Anna Nicole Smith model casket  featured in on-line shopping at "Five and a Half Feet Under".  Reverse lookup, telephone and address.
AOG Association of Graduates -   Association of Graduates.
See more AOG links under: "Army, West Point" - just below.
April Fool's Day  - Disclaimer

Army, U. S. - Articles warning about the inadequate strength of the force for missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Expending the Force
 By GEN. FREDERICK J. KROESEN, USA Ret., from ARMY magazine, November 2002, page 13.

"Broken Army Reserve Force"
 Reserve Chief Warns of "Broken" Army Reserve Force in December 20, 2004 memo.

Army Green Book article by Chief, Army Reserve, October 2004.

Army Strained to Near Its Breaking Point" -

Mental health injuries scar 300,000 U.S. troops -

Force Structure of the 21st Century .

"Gates Way Forward", By Mark Perry, Asia Times, 19 June 2007

Army, West Point URLs for USMA, AOG, Army Sports and more. Official and semi-official stuff.
For unofficial stuff especially regarding Alan Lubke and the USMA Class of 1961, scroll down to "West Point" on this page! Repeat: For my (Alan Lubke's) personal photos and scrapbook, see "West Point"on this page.

rmy, West Point URLs for USMA, AOG, Army Sports and more. Official and semi-official stuff.
rmy, West Point - Official Academy page.
rmy, West Point Alumni Association - AOG 

Army, West Point - Class of 1961 page, - 50th Reunion information, Saturday, 14 May - Wednesday, 18 May 2011. My personal reunion page is at: West Point 50th Class Reunion of USMA '61.

rmy, West Point Alumni Local -  West Point Society of the San Francisco Bay Area (WPSSFBA)
Army, West Point Connection - WP-ORG, , an internet connection of West Point cadets, graduates and parents, aka "the West Point connection".
Army, West Point Athletics - Official Site of Army Athletics -
rmy, West Point Athletics - CBS Sports -

rmy, West Point Alumni Business Resource Directory - iSABRD, is the official online business to business networking resource for alumni of Service Academies. iSABRD is the online version of the Service Academy Business Resource Directory.
rmy, West Point Football - Pete Dawkins comments on the resignation of Bobby Ross, 2007. Alan - your index page of items no longer major news Army "A" Club - "A" Club replaced Army Athletic Association in 2001. Army Football - 2005 Football Schedule    2005 Army "A" Club Giving Levels and Benefits
rmy, West Point Athletics - Athletic Director Kevin Anderson. My meeting with Kevin Anderson, Director of Athletics, USMA, March 13, 2005.

therton News Cops' suit headed for trial.
Athletic Banquet, Farmington Senior High School, 2009
AUSA Insurance  Letter, December 2004
Axel's - a poem and the restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Awards and decorations for Alan Lubke


Bataan Death March - A West Point Ring Story

Babb Family - My chance meeting with Edmon R. Jennings
abb Family and OSU football. Greetings from the OSU Cal game at Berkeley, October 15, 2005.
abb Gift  Their gift to Oregon State University. Bert Babb and his wife, (my kin), Shirley Hamilton Babb.
Babb and Omaha! Baseball field lights pay off. Oregon State Beavers earn trip to Omaha, June 13, 2005.
abb Grandchildren  Christmas 2001.
abb Grandchildren  Christmas 2004.
abb Family   Christmas 2002.
abb Shirley with sisters  Julie Seibert, and Gert Shellenbarger. 2306 Park Grove, Eugene.
Babb, Bert  Postcard 2005 from football game.   From Oregon State - Stanford football game, November 12, 2005.
Baer, Max   "My Encounter with Max Baer" in 1956. Also see my page about the Baer-Camilli connection.
Balboa, Mike
Ballantine Books - defugelty - parts of two books printed together.
Bar - - He met her at the "Bar"
Barriers to Change  A presentation for "Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention and Education".
BART Extension
BART to SFO - Alan Lubke rescues San Bruno station
aseball Humor - "Get Ready for a Rain Delay, Pal."
asketball. NBA rules need to be changed. The NBA format needs to be changed and the rules need to be enforced.
Bed and Breakfast in Farmington - T.C. Davis Manor, 520 Oak Street
Berkeley, CA. Memorial Stadium and the Berkeley BART station - MAP
Bey, Nessim - Soldier of fortune. West Point graduate as Washington Tevis, Class of 1849.

Binkley, Sargent - Case Summary, 26 March 2010 SF Chronicle artice," PTSD-afflicted vet gets probation for robbery", by Henry K. Lee.

Binkley, Sargent - The Complete Story - starts on this page. Chronicled by Alan Lubke of this Web site.

inkley, Sargent - USMA grad needed help from VA, didn't get it. Robbed two drug stores.
Click to see how you can help Sargent Binkley and his parents.
Binkley Sargent - Resource pages dealing with veteran's organizations such as the National Veterans Foundation.
Binkley I - related cases from Farmington, Minnesota
Binkley II - related cases from Farmington, Minnesota
Birkholz, Dr. and the Jefferson Hotel  "Doc" Birkholz stayed at the Jefferson Hotel when he first came to Farmington.
Birkholz, Dr. - Maker of the lights. Created lights for the Farmington Lutheran Church.
Birkholz Hans and Gretchen   Circa 1974, Washington, D.C.
Birkholz, John C.- first collegiate hockey player from Farmington
Birkholz, J.C., Dr. His dog "Knight" is missing (1954)   Knight, short for Knight of Sir Mordred. Update: Knight is found!
irkholz Map  Nearest commercial site to summer location.
Birkholz Sandy - Artist  Sandy was our web site artist of the week in December 2002
Birkholz, John and Sandy in Spain 2004.
lömeling, Marion  Her photo, 2002. (Use Bloemeling if you can't type an umlaut)
Boehlke, Bain at Jungle Theater   See the current theater schedule at the Jungle Theater website
Boehlke-Cunningham, Cathy In Memoriam.
Boxing - Andre Ward vs. Minnesota's Chris Holt - Andre Ward vs.Chris Holt. Ambassador Alan Lubke takes in the fight, August 18, 2005.
Boxing - Alan at the fights in San Jose
Boxing - Max Baer - "My Encounter with Max Baer in 1956 .    Also see the The Baer-Camilli West Point connection.
Boylan, Peter USMA '61 -- President of Georgia Military Academy
Brandtjen Farm  Brandtjen Farm is sold, transformed into a development, and given a new name.
Bronze Star. "My Farmington, Minnesota Bronze Star Story". Dick Snyder and his aunt Mary Probst.
Browns Valley, Minnesota - The Two Continent Theory
Bruce, Earmel
Buffalo Solder, The  The African American Soldier in the U.S. Army, 1866-1912
Bugaloo's Ice Cream Shoppe in downtown Farmington, Minnesota
Bumper Stickers
Bus or Van - for Marion's July 2005 visit.
Business Card - My Card, 2004
Business Card - Dr. Edmund P. Stalteri
Business Card - Yoshihiko from London


Cairns, Bobby and Terry - Brunch at Barbara and Pete Gleichenhaus - January 14, 2011
ampaign 2004 Highlites. Testing a new class of aircraft carrier.
ampaign 2004 - - The Florida Ballot
asa de Gasa
asey the Wonder Dog at the Beach
Candlestick Park (now Monster Park) - seating. Rows not marked.
Castle Rock - the rock itself, just outside Farmington, Minnesota
at, an aminated feature that will love your mouse.
Cendejas Wedding pictures  Allison and Vince, September 30, 2004
Cendejas, Vince and Allison Pool Party at their apartment, 242 Rock Harbor Lane, Foster City, CA on July 15, 2006
Cendejas, Allison - College Graduation. Allison receives BA degree from SFSU, May 26, 2007.
endejas, Vince and Allison - 280 Boleroridge Place, Escondido, CA. They move into their home at 280 Boleroridge Place, Escondido, CA
.H.P. -- Official Web Site of the California Highway Patrol
C.H.P. Redwood City -- safety apparently not a primary issue here. My report of October 11, 2003.
Chain at West Point
Christgau, John Famous author with Minnesota roots.  Wrote about Whitey Skoog's jump shot.
hristmas at the Rother House
hristmas Card All about the Mitchels: Pam and Jim.
Chron Watch - San Francisco Chronicle Watch (next under)
hron Watch - Highway 280 Avalon Drive Exit Signs.
hurch Directory, St. Veronica's of San Bruno, CA - - Pictured are Casey the Wonder Dog and Alan Lubke
hurches of Farmington. The old Methodist Episcopal Church.
inderella, the story of -- aka, "The Princess and the Frog".

Class Gift - USMA 1961 Pledge Sheet
lass Notes SOSC 303  Alcohol/Drug Abuse Prevention/Education. Spring 2003. CRN 33978.
Cloquet - A poem. Written for Jaclyn and Ben.
Coddington, Bud - hosts lunch for classmates.
Cook, "Doc" Family and Friends pictures  from Celebration of Life Ceremonies at St. Michaels Church.
Cook all the Larry and Mary Cook girls at the "Wedding of Lindsay Cook and Hunter Craig "
Cook, Larry and Mary in San Bruno 200
7 with Ursula and Alan
Coast Guard poster - on BART train.
Computer Tips - (1) "PowerPoint - Quick and Easy Keystrokes",
(2) "Print Screen function",
    (3) "PowerPoint - Slide Transition and Custom Animation,
Copacabana - Great moments in the history of the Copa Lounge-1961.
Costco shooting - Police gun down West Point grad, July 10, 2010
ousins Christmas party - 2005. In Ojai.
This large file is available on demand. File name is;
and accompanying photos series are, (e.g.),
Creel - Globetrotters Basketball - 2010
Creel, Kevin - Ferien2005  - in San Francisco
reel, Kevin - his beautiful thank you  for August 2005 visit with Sandra.
reel, Kevin   With Sandra at the Rhein River, 2003
Creel, Kevin - Happy Birthday 2004
reel, Michael in San Francisco, 2006
reel, Sigrid - Happy Birthday 2004
unningham, Cathy (nee Boehlke) In Memoriam.
urb Flyers - San Bruno Paint Numbers for $20, Feb 18, 2009


D-1 Year by year photos of Company D-1, USCC. USMA, West Point, NY
Dakota County in the Twentieth Century.  How to order the book.
Degrees of separation  A game anyone can play. This one went "Chris Chandler, Chris Miller, Jim Miller, Ralph Miller, Bill Mueller and went on and on into the wee hours of the night.
Declaration of Independence
evney  Jacque Devney and Laura Drewry
igital Photography Class - Panorama Day and all we got to see was the Fog.
igital Photography Class - Abdul's picture of me in panorama against the wall on Bayshore Blvd.
igital Photography Class - Panorama software compared and explained!
imaggio, Joe   The picture story of the contributions by Bill Swank and Alan Lubke to the book "Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life," by Richard Ben Cramer.
Directions - See same page under "Maps".
Doerr, Bobby  Bobby autographed for me, the jacket of David Halberstam's book, "The Teammates".
Doffing, Callie and the 2008 Farmington High School Senior Athletics Banquet and 17th Annual Induction of Hall of Fame Members.
Dog Collar project



Earmel  Earmel Bruce and the Brandtjen Farm story.
Echols, Shawn. "Echols makes Mills go" story, and pictures of Parents' night at Mills High School basketball, 2006-2007.

choes From Lane Field  Author's notes from the book by my pal Bill Swank.
Eder, Linda  Broadway Diva from Garrison, Minnesota.
Election 2004 - Voter's Handbook
Else Hendricks  Birthday cake experience - 2002. Samantha and Jake were on the front porch.
Escondido - Travel itinerary for Alan Lubke - Christmas 2010
Exchange Bank Building Farmington, Minnesota.  See also "Nick's Lunch" on this index page.

F, All except "FHS" and "Farmington" (See those separate sections below. )

Face Blindness, aka, Prosopagnosia  The greatest story, I, or anyone else has ever told about the Internet. See also Ann Landers.
armington -- See the separate "Farmington" Section below.
argo - - the movie starring Bain Boehlke from Farmington, Minnesota and others including Frances McDormand, William H. Macy.
Favier, Pat and Mike
Feely scores "try"  as Air Force defeats Army in rugby, March 19, 2005. Eight photos and the story of the game.
Feely Fields dedication June 24th 2006 - Pictures by Mary Lubke
Feely, Thomas - FHS Hall of Fame - Coach at St. Thomas University.
Feipel, Mrs. Jeanne R. Mortenson - Cairn Terriers.
Feipel, Mike and Bev Grandkids
Feipel, George. Uncle George was a member of the FHS basketball team in 1921.
Ferris, George - Home page
Ferris, George - Armament School Graduation
Fifty Years Ago, September 21, 2006 - Carl Hagen is promoted to Pfc from Pvt E-2.
Finished Files
Fireworks - A grass roots campaign to defeat Measure G in San Bruno, CA. Letter from the Chief of Police, Lee G. Violett.
Fitzgerald, Anita - A PhotoShow. Selected images (with music) from a scrapbookof selected images featuring her British roots.
Fourth - pictures of 4th of July
First - "He Was First"  lLT Alan Lubke featured on First Day Cover. He was first to lead All-American ground unit in combat in Viet-Nam.
Flag at 2550 Fleetwood Drive - - New flag, 6 feet by 4 feet, was placed on new flagpole, February 4, 2009
Flanders Field  "In Flanders Field".
Forever Faribault©  Music and lyrics by John Thompson
Founders Day - 2010. The West Point Societies of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley celebrate the 208th anniversary of the founding of West Point
Founders Day History in the Bay Area - See West Point Section 3 of 3 below on this page.
Frank, Margaret Fredrickson - Army Nurse Corps, World War II.
Fredrickson, Joan - Eulogy by Mary Petrie
Obituary with link to Eulogy
Friends of Marino Pieretti - Schedule of Events for 2007  Please see also: Pieretti, Marino. Friends of Marino Pieretti. One of baseball's great stories.

a. Farmington High School (1st of 2 Farmington categories follow)
b. Farmington (the town), Minnesota (2d of 2 Farmington categories)

a. Farmington High School
armington High School Graduates, 1901 - 1969   All Years Combined  &  Discrete By Year.
Farmington High School Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame

FHS Athletic Hall of Fame - Pictures of Wayne Otte's induction in 2003.
FHS Basketball, 1921
FHS Speech Contest - 1954
FHS Basketball, 1957
FHS Football Undefeated 1956

FHS Football All State Team 2003 by the Minnesota Vikings
FHS Football All State Team 2003 (Printable Large Picture) 2003 by the Minnesota Vikings -- their All State Team 2003.
FHS - kids on the steps at school about 1947
FHS Football 2005 - Tigers still best football story around

FHS Class of  '55 - 50th Reunion   August 12 - August 14, 2005   Photo of Reunion Group
FHS Class of '56 - Reunion Flyer  August 12 - August 14, 2006
HS '56  Roster, biographies, addresses.
FHS '56 - 45th Reunion Photos   The fully captioned 44th/45th Reunion photos by Carl Hagen.

FHS '57  Roster, biographies, addresses
FHS '57 - 44th Reunion Photos  The fully captioned 44th/45th Reunion photos by Carl Hagen.
FHS '57 - 50th Reunion Photos
  An array of photos from the gala August 10-11, 2007 gathering in Farmington, Minnesota at Joe Auge's place and the Eagle's Club.

REGISTRATION FORM - Submit by July 20, 2007, send this form in with $30 to FHS Class of 57, 3518 West 100th Street, Bloomington, MN 55431. FHS Class of '57 - 50th Reunion  - Friday August 10 - Saturday August 11, 2007
BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION FORM   Form to be submitted with registration. Pictures can be included. FHS Class of '57 - 50th Reunion -   - Friday August 10 - Saturday August 11, 2007
FHS 57 MEMORIES (prepared by Alan Lubke for the 50th Reunion Book)

FHS '57 Memorial -- My Siamese twin died on July 21." -- a wonderful tribute to the freindships we had, those we still have, and those we lost -- a tribute to Patsy Kindseth by Louise Orndorff.
FHS '57 Homecoming Candidates   Who were the four girls and four boys?

FHS '58 Reunion

FHS '61 as Eighth Graders

b. Farmington, Minnesota
ttractions - a list including those attractions shown below and more: not yet ready - do with what you see here for the time being.
aseball History - the "Town Team" days
ed and Breakfast in Farmington - T.C. Davis Manor, 520 Oak Street
irkholz Lights in the Farmington Lutheran Church
ugaloo's Ice Cream Shoppe
hurches of Farmington
hurch of St. Mary in New Trier
lock  Third and Oak in front of "Nick's" cafe.
vents July 2006
armington Lanes
armington, City of    The official web site of Farmington, Minnesota.
Farmington Tiger Club v. Kimsey Club at West Point
Feely Fields dedication June 24th 2006 - pictures by Mary Lubke.
Jefferson Hotel
Newspaper Farmington Independent   My hometown weekly newspaper.
Nick's Lunch  A great photo from 1936 showing the Feipel family restaurant on Third Street in Farmington.
Poem " Farmington" our city's poem
ailroad Station Art Complex , 2007 with retro photograph from 1939.
Recreation -- Midget baseball team, circa 1954.
Stories from yesteryear from the paper  Stories from yesteryear from the newspaper.
Top Model - Marisa Rotter
Working the Town, Part I - Sunday, May 6, 2007

"F" items other than "FHS and Farmington, Minnesota " are right below the "E" items. Arrow up please

Gabriel, Henmar "Gabe" - Induction to Sport Parachute Hall of Fame, Feb 14, 2009.
arrison, Minnesota  The world's smallest town with a McDonald's restaurant.
Gas Stations Cities Service.
Gateway Drugs Some background information for SOSC 301 team presentation.
Genealogy I   Lubke family genealogy--a macro chart. The "broad brush".
Genealogy II   Lubke family genealogy -- A detailed chart.
Genevieve with Alan  Photo circa 1970.
German Retirement Information - 4 pages.
German Retirement Bulletin - 2 pages.
Gerster, Ernie - Dakota County Tribune article, April 11, 1930.
Gerster, John  His great scientific discovery.
GIFT CERTIFICATES (DRAFT) instructions for ordering gift certificates for servicemembers overseas including Iraq and Afghanistan.
Glee Club- Pictures  Pictures. Newspaper Ad. The Cadet Glee Club of the United States Military Academy in South San Francisco, 2004. (This index entry repeated under West Point Glee Club)

Gleichenhaus - lunch with Louie Who paid last?
Gleichenhaus, D. Peter--Flood Recovery -- makes fashion statement while directing flood recovery on Daly City's "sloppy, slippery, filthy, grungy, moldy" Westpark Drive.
Gleichenhaus, An Amend  by the SF Chronicle, December 4, 2003
Gleichenhaus - Photo with "Louie" in front of Lake Merced Golf and Tennis Club
Gleichenhaus' Party at their house November 8, 2003.
Gleichenhaus and George Ferris connection re: Flying Tigers.
Gleichenhaus, D. Peter  The sidewalk repair project early days.
Gleichenhaus, D. Peter  The same sidewalk repair project - on SF Chronicle list for 89 days. See picture!
Gleichenhaus, D. Peter vindicated   SF Chronicle praises Pete for job well done with large, front page story.
Gleichenhaus, D. Peter   Classmate Charles P. Burns would preempt Pete's run for Governor in 2003.

Golf 2005 - sign up now for the February 1, 2005 tournament in Arizona for Farmingtonians!
olf 2005 photos - Farmingtonians from Arizona City
Golf 2005 - Scores!
olf 2004 in Arizona -- pictures!  Golf 2004 flyer, Jack Gergen's last hurrah.
Golf 2004 pictures Gerster - Two pictures from John Gerster
Golf 2003  Farmingtonians in Arizona in 2003. Pictures galore!
Golf 2002  Farmingtonians in Arizona in 2002. Pictures awonder!
Go l f 1 9 9 9 Four excellent photos to remind all of the wonder of this great tournament.
Golf, Virtual My passion is playing virtual golf in National Parks to standing room only crowds.
Google - Verification
Gopher-Cal football at Berkeley, Sept 9, 2006
Grannemann, Rodney
Graves, Howard  Superintendent, USMA; Classmate, USMA '61 - Memorial Service.
Grossman, Beth - - - her Web site. Beth Grossman is an internationally renowned artist.
rossman, Beth - The Petrie-Thompsons visit her 2006 exhibit in Minneapolis.
Grossman, Beth - "A Winter’s Tale"   in Alheim/Licherode, Germany, August 3- 12, 2007

Greatest Story Ever Told About the Internet


Haband - pictures of mislabed shoes
aile Selassie -- He passes through Farmington, Minnesota in 1954.
ammersmith, Wallace  Birthday is commemorated on opening day.
Harley Davidson  Motorcyclists Ursula and Alan Lubke (actually it's a Honda Goldwing).
Hastings, MN. The Spiral Bridge
Hastings, MN. The PBS film featuring the Sprial Bridge
Haugh, Byron visited by Brant  Brant's first visit to Iowa. Featuring Brant and his parents Kevin and Lisa Haugh With Marilyn Haugh, Byron's spouse. An extraordinary photo series by Marilyn Haugh.
augh, Byron - fly fisherman extraordinaire  Byron and son, Bradley, 2004.
augh, Jack and Ronny's Wedding Photo June 1, 1940
Haugh John - - See separate section below.
Haugh, Kelley and Rachel --  Sports Illustrated, July 1989
Haugh, John The Big Mackeral  71 pounds, 6 ft. 4 inches long Spanish Mackeral.  Haugh, John Commemorative Coin Commemorating the Mackeral. Haugh, John  E-mails  the last ones. Haugh, John  Lunch Card  Bud Lucas' proof of who paid last time. Haugh, John  Obituary Obituary. Haugh, John  Photos  from Memorial Services - "Celebration of Life". Haugh, John the UHT Story UHT Story. Haugh, John  Remembrances  your Remembrances.

Hawaii 2011 Kauai -
Lihue Airport - Banyan Harbor Resort at Lihue

eidi - Birthday, 2005
Hendricks Women July 4th, 2004
endricks Family Reunion - Florida 2008-2009
enmar Gabriel Tour 2002   Gabe and Susie Gabriel visit San Francisco.
Hinkle, Don
ockey, Farmington Style -- The Leonard Novitzki Memorial Showcare
olmbergs at Hohokam in Coolidge Arizona
ome Page  of this web site,
Home Office The back of the San Bruno Lubke's garage.
Horse - Tank and Bart - Horses to vote for! Bart is forced to race against younger horses. Race. Tank bullies Bart and steals his food. Bully.
Humor Index  This will take you to the index to humorous items from my personal collection.
Humphrey, Hubert H. - Vice President of the United States. The letter to me from Hubert.
Hudson Bay Expedition
Hurricane Ivan   September 13, 2004.
Hurricane Katrina  Theresa LUBKE, and husband Dean WENGER of Marshall, MN help YMCA victims in Biloxi, MS. November 2005.


Inline Skating at the NorthShore Inline Marathon for 2005
I. G.
Inspector General Complaint - TRICARE MANAGEMENT ACTIVITY (TMA)
nspector General Complaint, July 7, 2004 - TRICARE Program, PGBA, LLC.
ntervention Some tips for helping a friend with Alcohol or other drug related problem.
ron Range Man contest held in Coleraine, Minnesota. Marko Popovich, Alan Lubke, Dick Thompson.
owa  Why doesn't Iowa have a professional football team? See also Hawkeye football above.
Iowa Hawkeye football fans   Why their fans are lucky the Orange Bowl is being played outdoors!


Janina Creel
Jaws  Alan is seen with the Catch of the Day - a 26 foot, 6000 pound shark
Jefferson Hotel in Farmington, Minnesota. Hotel opened in 1925 in conjunction with the Sanford Hospital.
Jervell, Jerry  Cadet Entrepreneur, West Point Class of 1959. Co D-1.
Jewish Art - Beth Grossman. See also "Grossman"
Juke Box - Click on your favorite songs and listen. 1956-1960.
Jungle Theater   Bain Boehlke, FHS '57 is the founder and artistic director of this theater
located at the intersection of Lake and Lyndale in Minneapolis.
Just for me, just in case. Pages that I created and didn't want to throw away.


Karnak -- the ultimate "Karnak" and more.
Katja - Katja was "buttoned" at the Union Street Street Fair. Ursula carried her in her purse/basket.
Kewley  Son Rob with colleagues celebrate the capture of the "Ace of Spades" in Iraq.
Kiley, Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. - Sixth District (includes San Francisco) Engineer, July 2006 - present. Photo taken May 28, 2007
Kim - Lubke, Emerson at birth
 One beautiful baby boy. Son of Theodore and Anne-Marie, brother of Jackson.
Kim - Lubke, Emerson my first joke and I did not steal it from Milton Berle.
Kim - Lubke, Christmas 2003 photo gallery.
Kim - Lubke, Camping  Near the family home in New Jersey in the fall of 2004.
Kim - Lubke, Artists at Work - Jackson and Emerson at a Wednesday night art class, 2005.
Kim - Lubke - Central Park - Jaunt, Theodore and Jackson, 2005.
Kim-Lubke, Theodore at White House, 1995
Kim-Lubke - San Francisco August 2009 Park Chow restaurant with Uncle Alan
Kindseth, Patsy  A wonderful tribute to a classmate by a classmate, "My Siamese twin died on July 21."
King, Susan  Stanford basketball star from Minnesota.
King's Place in Miesville, Minnesota 2008
Klahr, Gerald Lawrence - Beloved classmate, teammate, friend - FHS Class of '57. Died May 17, 2008
Koch Family of Pfungstadt, Germany
Koets, Adam  Sophmore tackle, Oregon State football team, 2004. Pictures from the Stanford victory at Stanford.
Koets, Adam - OSU beats USC. Biggest upset in NCAA football in 2006.
Koets, Adam stars in the 2006 Sun Bowl. Senior tackle, 2006. OSU vs. Missouri in the Sun Bowl, El Paso, TX, Friday, December 29, 2006, noon, MST.
Kuchera, Roger. Batboy for the Farmington Tigers Home Team
Kulstad Brothers Clothing Store, Dowtown Farmington, Minnesota


Lakers Minneapolis Lakers with Whitey Skoog, Dick Garmaker, and Chuck Mencel.
as Vegas Mayor meets Norm Lubke for lunch.
Lawyer - - He met her at the "Bar"
Leach, Dennis  Task Force Commander at Nhi Ha, Viet-nam. The operation began late on May 1, 1968, when Lt. Col. William P. Snyder was instructed to place his command--the 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry (3/21) "Gimlets" of the Army's Americal Division--under the operational control of the 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, on the eastern side of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
Legion of Valor  of the United States of America, Inc.  Founded as Medal of Honor Legion, 1890. Chartered by Act of Congress, 1955. Official Web Site.
Legion of Valor - heroes of the Philippines  Fourteen (14) men who became eligible for Legion of Valor early in WWII.
Leidner, Walter. Former Farmington schoolmates, now soldier and sailor in 1965, reunited in Viet-nam.
Lindbergh, Charles A. Sign at Madison Lake, Minnesota City Park near the wheat field where Lindbergh gave rides in 1923 for $5.00.
Looking Back, 1953, August 21st. Tony Field age 6 is found, Birkholz's dog is found. School opens in various churches.
Lot Line at 2550-2560 Fleetwood Drive and 2581 Eucalyptus Drive. Principals

Lubke Family Photo Page  Photo stories of family and friends. Pictures, with stories (or at least captions) out of the collection of Alan Lubke. Contents Grid   An original list of family pictures. Still viable. Bulletin Board  A MAJOR FAMILY PAGE!  Who, what, when and sometimes why of current events in the greater Lubke Family.
Lubke - Cendejas - Wedding Pictures  Allison and Vince, September 30, 2004.
ubke, Alan Baby Photo
Lubke, Alan - Military Awards and Decorations
Lubke-Kim family. (See "Kim-Lubke")
ubke, Mary grandchildren. Photos in Faribault, 2005 of some of her grandchildren (Merrick, Stryker, and Jackson) along with dog Tavy, the Jack Russell Terrier
Lubke, Barbara - Painting of "Baby"
ubke, Norman (See "Norman Lubkes")
Lubke, Oscar - kids and their mother
ubke, Oscar - kids with Army Nurse Margaret Frank in Montevideo
ubke, Oscar - kids Christmas Card
Lubke, Oscar - Salutatory, St. Clair High School, 1923
Lubke, Oscar - His letter of resignation from the Youth Commission, June 13, 1959
Lubke, Shawn (See "Shawn")
Lubke,Theo Sendoff at SFO, Feb 15, 2012 with Uncle Alan
Lubke, Theodore at White House, 1995


Mack, Edward Clement, USMA 1925
ahony, Grant    Home Page of first soldier of WWII to receive DSC and be admitted to Legion of Valor of the USA, Inc. See also Legion of Valor - heroes of the Philippines - a list of 14 men who became eligible early in WWII.
Mahony, Grant   His portrait and a picture.
Mahony, Grant  News clipping from Grant's mother, dateline Manila, December 20, 1941 - tells of DSC awards.
Mallory, Glynn   An historic visit to the Presidio of San Francisco by the last Commanding General of the Sixth Army and the Presidio.
Maps - -
Index  Palm Springs, Desert Princess Resort, Ten Mile Lake, Minn., Range View Drive, Santa Ana, 2550 Fleetwood Drive,
San Bruno
and many more.

Marion Out West in 2005
Marion and Zorbas. See Marion and Zorbas. NEW AND EXCITING FROM COLOGNE!
Marschall, George G., Obituary
Mary Petrie Thompson  Scarlett discovers St. Paul. See Stryker and Scarlett below.
asada. "What a Trek". Recalling their hike to the top of Masada are shown Pete Gleichenhaus and Kitty Lenhart.
au, Bruce  "An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth".
May Family honored as county's 2000 Farm Family of the Year --Bill, Anita, Jennie, Joe and Jim.
McAndrew, Bob In the batting circle for the Farmington Tigers Home Team
Miesville, Minnesota - a "King's Place" for hamburgers 2008
Miller, Jim, Chris Chandler, Chris Miller, Jim Miller  See "360 degrees of integration".
Minnesota Golden Gophers visit Cal, Sept 9, 2006 - MAP for Tailgate Party and Stadium
innesota State High School Basketball Tournament 1956 Aurora with Dick Thompson
innesota Trivia! 
Minnesota Trivia - Index to the book
innesota Truism - Cold Weather
Minnick, Dan - softball player extraordinaire
Missota Conference Standings -
Farmington, Hutchinson, Holy Angels,Northfield, New Prague, Red Wing, Shakopee
MOAA -   Military Officers Association of America
Molitor-LaNasa (Obituary) - Farmington Independent, August 17, 2006

onster Park seating complaint - rows not marked.
onterey  "As I walked into Stokes Restaurant on January 31, 2003 . . . "
ontevideo, MN  Pictures of the house I grew up in.
Mortar Story - A serendipitous story - just another in the series of "Alan Lubke Presents".
Mount Rushmore as of Bill Swank's 2007 birthday.
Mouse Trap, The -- A moral lesson.
MP3 - User's guide and other tips for my SWIMP3V2


Negro League jacket (see Tribute at next entry)
egro League Tribute at the Oakland Museum, Friday, October 7, 2005.

Neibel, Camp - Boy Scout Camp Neibel
Neibel Encampment Story  The story of the Boy Scout encampment at Balsam Lake, WI by the Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts of Farmington, MN's Troop and Post 118
Neibel Encampment Reunion Photos  The 50th Anniversary Reunion photos and story!
Neibel Parade Field Photo in 1952  Poster Scout Alan Lubke in full uniform, 1952.
Neibel Web Page in Preparation for Reunion
Neibel (Explorer Scout page) of field trip to Wold-Chamberlain in 1995)

Nelson, David  Ricky's older brother is pictured with his mentor, Alan Lubke of Farmington, MN
Nessim Bay. Soldier of fortune. West Point graduate as Washington Tevis, Class of 1849.
Next Step
Next Step - The Veteran's Self-Help Guide to Discharge Upgrading - Kings County Veterans Services Officer
ext Step - The Army Review Boards Agenc
y - Official Web site of the Department of Army
Next Step - Applicant's Guide to Applying to the ABCMR - Applicant's Guide to Applying to ABCMR
ext Step
ew Orleans. Mechanics of Fluids.
New Trier, Minnesota -- St. Mary's Church
Nicholson, Jim visits San Bruno. Classmate and Secretary of the Veterans Administration visits San Bruno, October 26, 2005.
Nick's Lunch  A great photo from 1936 showing the Feipel family restaurant on Third Street in Farmington.
Norman and Barbara - Their Fall 2003 Schedule
Norman and Barbara - Photo Album - trip to Minnesota in May 2005
Norman and Barbara at Pac Bell Park -- May, 2003
Norman and Barbara at Jack Daniels' Distillery
Norman retires from Merrill Lynch -- October 25, 2002
Norman Lubkes at Christmas  2002 Anaheim Angel World Series is celebrated in this photo.
Norman & Golden Eagle Mascot - USM (Univ of Southern Mississippi) vs. Cal Berkeley football weekend.


Obituaries of Dilley, Kortum, Mohn, Snyder - From the Farmington Independent, March 15, 2001
f and "ov" "Ov" and "of". See also "Finished Files"
OJLubke Award Administration
rndorff, William. Obituary of Bill Orndorff , age 71. Died Monday, Feb. 25, 2008.
rville   Lovable resident at the home of Theresa Lubke and Dean Wenger in Marshall, Minnesota
strem--Gloria's Home Page  This is the only page you need to get to all the other links!
Otte, Darrell and Margo - 50th Wedding Anniversary, July 11, 2009 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., at the Farmington American Legion.
tte, Wayne  FHS Athletic Hall of Fame Induction pictures. Also Sprute, Jensen, Winblad, Lubke.


Pac Bell Park   West Point group photos from the Giants-Twins game of June 3, 2003.
Pac Bell Park II  More photos from the Giants-Twins game of June 3, 2003.
acifica Police station is hard to find
. A story of a citizen (Alan Lubke) concerned with safety and good signage. The San Francisco Chronicle told the story.
PCL PCL (Pacific Coast League) - 2005 Northern California reunion - Oakland Museum - 24 September 2005 and more.
alins and Gosselins in Alaska - 2010. Caution: Children should not be exposed to the Unabridged Version.
Palm Springs -- the City's premier event.
Paradoxical Commandments  A most interesting story of coincidence.
arking Garage - An engineering debacle at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.
atriotic  Thoughts for Veteran's Day 2002.
Peine connection - and the 2008 Farmington High School Senior Athletics Banquet and 17th Annual Induction of Hall of Fame Members.

enelope - A Remembrance.  September 1979 - May 15, 1998
entagon and an American Airlines 757 on 9-11  Take a look at this picture every now and then.
Pete's Auto Body in Wilson, N.C. - Photo shows the All Women's parking lot.
Peterson Trial Jury - - My invitation to jury duty.
Peterson Trial Logistics -- Capitalizing commercially.
Petrie, Art -- Business Card 2004
Petrie-Thompson. See: Thompson, John. Thompson - Mary Petrie. Thompson, Stryker. Thompson, Scarlett. Thompson, Merrick.
Pets   Herman ,  Brighton
Pieretti, Marino. Friends of Marino Pieretti. One of baseball's great stories. See also the 2007 Schedule of Events for "Friends of Marino Pieretti"
at - - Pieretti Friends of Marino Pieretti - Schedule of Events for 2007
Pipeline proximity. How close to your house Mr. and Mrs. Lubke, does the pipeline run?
Plumber - San Bruno - our neighborhood plumber
Poem . "Challenge of Ageing" by Joan LeBlanc, Jan 17, 2007. Joan is a relative of George Ferris.
Prayer to St. Joseph -- "Whosoever shall read this prayer or hear it, or keep it about themselves, shall never die a sudden death or be drowned, nor shall poison take effect on them; neither shall they fall into the hands of the enemy, or shall be burned in any fire or shall be overpowered in battle."
Prosopagnosia  The "Greatest Internet Story Ever Told". Rating:  
PTCruiser Turbo, 2005. Barbara Lubke's new wheels, April 2004.
Pumpkin Pie   Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with Graham Cracker Crust
Pun  A "brief" first-person, first-observed pun. Rating:


andy Creel
eal Estate Prices - San Bruno, 2004
eich, Herm at the baseball reunion of the Pacific Coast League in No. California, September 2005.
ennagel, Hank and Ashley   USMA '61. Dinner for Hank and Ashley at the Gleichenhauses, November 19, 2005 - Story and link to pictures..
ennagel, Hank and Ashley dinner pictures by Barbara Gleichenhaus with link to story.

eunion '61 USMA - Putting together the 50th Reunion Yearbook. A letter from Editor Bob Hardiman

eunion 40th and 39th respectively - Reunion '56 and Reunion '57 of Farmington High School. See "FHS" above.
REUNION FHS Class of '57 - 50th Reunion  - Friday August 10 - Saturday August 11, 2007
REGISTRATION - by July 20, 2007, send this form in with $30 to FHS Class of 57, 3518 West 100th Street, Bloomington, MN 55431.
REUNION FHS Class of '57 - 50th Reunion -   - Friday August 10 - Saturday August 11, 2007
BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION form to be submitted with registration. Pictures can be included.

Reverse Angle Photography  aka, Middle of the Road™ (MOR) Photography
Rossini, Nicolas
Rocky   Marion's puppy.
Rother - The Rother-Peine Story from May 4th and 5th, 2008 and the 2008 Farmington High School Senior Athletics Banquet and 17th Annual Induction of Hall of Fame Members.
Rotter, Marisa - "Top Model" - a special feature with all the pictures from her modeling career.


Rotter, John and Marisa - May 5-8 Farmington. (Dining with Lubke siblings, WM dumpster, Farmington Lanes)
Rotter, Marisa - Her PhotoShow® - Farmington's Top Model
otter ("Schleis Wedding Photos")-John and Marisa

Roxio PhotoShows:

1. Anita Fizgerald's Photo Album

2. Merrick at the Bat

3. Priscilla Swank becomes a U.S. Citizen

4. Farmington's Top Model

5. West Point Founders Day 2009

Rugby  Feely scores "try" as Air Force defeat Army 36 - 19 at Stanford, March 19th, 2005.



Sacramento Solons of the Old Pacific Coast League - Every available statistic and picture, 1903-1960 is here.
t. Mary's Church
New Trier, Minnesota
t. Michael's  Farmington, Minnesota's great Catholic church building is demolised, Sept 9, 2002
St. Michael's The New St. Michael's.
St. Paul, Minnesota's next mayor - Elect Green Party candidate Elizabeth Dickinson. Elect Green Party candidate Elizabeth Dickinson by voting in the primary, September 13, 2005.
San Bruno Agreement with PG&E, March 12, 2012
San Bruno City Contacts Also Address & Telephone Numbers.
San Bruno Fire - September 9, 2010 - three photos by Alan Lubke.
San Bruno Fire - Map showing section of pipeline which will never be used again!
Pipeline proximity. How close to your house Mr. and Mrs. Lubke, does the pipeline run. San Bruno PG& E Pipeline -- Side View of 30" pipeline from Rollingwood Drive to San Bruno Avenue (not to scale).
San Bruno Fire - Presentations at City Council Meeting, October 12, 2010
San Bruno Official Web site:   Official City Web Site. City Government of San Bruno
San Bruno, my photos, a list - List of Photos taken by Alan Lubke, Spring 2007
San Bruno Politics - Text of Alan's Speech - Text of Alan's speech at City Council Meeting, August 20, 2003
San Bruno Politics - Editorial in local paper - Recognition of Alan's Speech

San Bruno Citizens for Good Signage -- SBCGS -- Pacifica Police Station is hard to find.

San Bruno Citizens for Good Signage (SBCGS)   Home page - Index to Issues
San Bruno Signage Pictures -- See Signage
San Bruno PAC (SBCGS) is formed. -- History
an Bruno PAC (SBCGS) photos -- Historical photos related to inaugural session.
San Carlos - Election Fraud?
San Carlos - Political Consultant to face trial.
San Francisco
 Places to see with visitors who saw them.
San Francisco Presidio  Looking North at the Golden Gate Bridge from the PX parking lot.
San Mateo County Health Center Audit Report  Where not to get a TB test, an audit report.
Sarlette, Bob - Quote regarding SF Giants baseball attempts to reach a deal - Nov 2011.
Sawai, Gloria Ostrem Homepage. See above under the letter O for "Ostrem, Gloria" for the same link.
Scarlett Thompson - Actress and singer
Scarlett stars as Gladys, the Angel of the Lord at the Steppingstone Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota, December 1-22, 2006.
Schjeldahl, Peter - Farmington and America's Foremost Autodidactic Aesthete
Schleis Wedding Photos   Marisa Schleis Rotter. Allison was in the wedding party. Marisa married John Rotter on Saturday, June 15, 2002 in Montgomery, MN.
cott, Erik - Costco shooting - Police gun down West Point grad, July 10, 2010
egway - Pug Becker  He has the first one in Farmington.
Shawn Lubke  Ten years old in this photo.
Shawn Lubke - Winner of blue ribbons at the horse show.
Shawn Lubke - We wish you a Happy Birthday in February 2005.
Signage:  Pacifica Police Station is hard to find.
Signage: Serramonte Blvd, 280 On ramp.

Signage: Serramonte Blvd, 280 On ramp  - Newspaper clipping: Mission accomplished
Silent Auction at St. Veronica Parish Center, Saturday, May 14, 2005
Signage Picture Bart Sign (San Bruno Avenue)  Sign on San Bruno Avenue at San Mateo Avenue
Simon, Matt Matt Simon is believed to be the first Division 1A football player from Farmington.
Simon, Matt - 2008 - Final season is capped by Independence Bowl, Sunday, 12/28/08. Northern Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech in Shreveport, La. 7:00 p.m. CT
Simon, Matt. Greeted in San Diego for 2006 Poinsettia Bowl. Andy Swank was boyhood chum of Matt's dad in Farmington, Minnesota
Sixth US Army, San Francisco, and Sixty-One "Second to None".
Skoog, Whitey  This is a link to the book "History of the Jump Shot" by John Christgau.
Sligo Bay  An amazing story of coincidence relating to this unusual name.
Smith, Patrick   at Sacret Heart School of Theology in Hales Corner, Wisconsin.
Smith, Jimmy  Master craftsman from Tullyvin, Cootehuill, County Cavan, Ireland.
Solomon, John in Newsweek magazine, January 28, 1963.
Sollohub, Julian V. "Sully"  West Point Grad '37. Featured in Life Magazine as cadet.
South San Francisco Adult Education-links to class schedules
South San Francisco Adult Ed - Me and my princi"pal" at Stanford-Oregon football game, October 01, 2005

Spiral Bridge at Hastings, Minnesota
Spiral Bridge - featured on the PBS film  The film is called "Back on the Mississippi - Hidden Trails, Offbeat Tales",
and can be found by copying the URL:
Sprute, Gale An FHS sports legend.
Sprute, Gale, FHS Hall of Fame (Inaugural) - Copy of his page from the Inaugural booklet
Sprute, Gale. His two pages from FHS Athletic Hall of Fame 1992 (Inaugural)
Stryker and Scarlett  Scarlett discovers St. Paul.
Stryker and Scarlett  Two really good kids.
Stryker and Scarlett Christmas 2002. Photos by Dean and Theresa.
Swank, Andy -- Wedding of Raymond and Tess
Swank, Andy Chiristmas picture   Picture of family. In 2002, the Swanks are in Penang weekdays
and Ipoh weekends. See  Map of Malaysia
Swank, Andy -- Southeast Asia backpacking in 2004.
Swank, Andy - Teacher travels to Sardinia August 2004.
Swank, Andy - Family Christmas in San Diego, 2004  Cid, Raymond, Tess, Austin, Vanessa, Priscilla, Judy and more.
Swank, Andy - Billboard welcomes Andy to Silicon Valley in 2006.
Swank, Andy -- BOXER ESG Professor - seen aboard the USS ANDY SWANK (BEER DRINKER 10-10-'04) in November 2006 with the Navy.
Swank, Bill, The Bill Swank Story
Swank, Bill - House of David Baseball
wank, Bill  Help victims of Hurrican Katrina! Become a friend of Preacher Hebert. Support the small town of Westlake, Louisiana.
Swank, Bill "Echoes"   Author's notes from his book "Echoes from Lane Field".
Swank, Bill. Green Jacket award.  Pictures from the 2004 Awards luncheon. The Marino Pieretti award for contributions to the memory of pro baseball players who played for the love of the game.
Swank, Bill "Padres to Petco"  Arcadia Publishing, 2004. "Baseball in San Diego: From the Padres to Petco (Images of Baseball)". The Farmington Independent mentions the new book.
Swank, Bill - impersonation of    Being impersonated by Santa Claus in 2002!
Swank, Bill - Visits BG and Mrs. Leach in Brainerd, Minnesota
Swank Bros.  Picture of the boys in baseball uniforms with their dad from 1946.
Swank, Priscilla. Priscilla Swank becomes a U.S. Citizen, August 13, 2008
Symbols  for Editor's use.


Tatarian, Chris & Linda - Their Bluegrass music schedule with Rum River Blend (RRB) and True Life Travelers (TLT) groups.
evis, Washington. Soldier of Fortune. West Point graduate, Class of 1849, aka Nessim Bey
exas Football 1941 Life Magazine Cover 1941. A World War II epic story. Tid Watkins.
Thanksgiving 2010 - @the Torios in Sacramento, CA and more to come from kin (hopefully).
Theodore and Family   Faribault newspaper photo of Theodore holding his many Shattuck awards.
Theodore, Anne-Marie, Jackson  9-11  Reuniting picture with our Flag.
Theresa - the rear window of her car? Parked next to mine as I came out of the Safeway in SSF, CA July 7, 2007.
Theresa Lubke Betrothed  Now all three of Mary Lubke's children will be married.
Theresa Lubke Wedding Photos  Theresa marries Dean Wenger in Marshall, MN, 11-02-2002
Thompson, John Forever Faribault©  Music and lyrics by John Thompson
Thompson Petrie, Mary - The Rake article: "Control Freaks. The reduction of modern motherhood."
Thompson Minnesota Thunder meet "Stryker the Striker".
Thompson Family photos, March 2003.  Photos, March 2003. MERRICK! FIRST PHOTOS! See also "Stryker and Scarlett".
Thompson New House on Mound in St. Paul   Picture in front of new house on Mound in St. Paul. May 2003
Thompson First Day of School, 2003   Featuring Stryker and Scarlett.
Thompson Spring collection of photos, 2005
Thompson Spring Training begins for Stryker and Merrick, 2008 baseball. PHOTOSHOW of Merrick at opening day of T-Ball
Thompson, Scarlett. She stars in "The Miracle Worker"  at the History Theatre in St. Paul, Jan-Feb 2009 651-292-4323
Thompson Petrie-Thompson - family attends 2005 art exhibit by Beth Grossman.
Tillges Photo
Today Show. Who was the first West Point cadet to appear in uniform on the "Today Show"?
Top 6+1 Reasons - to write my biography in the USMA Class of '61 50th Anniversary Yearbook
Torio - - Lubke-Torio Wedding. Shawn and Marlon are wed at the Desert Princess Country Club, March 1, 2009.
Trent Lott  Fox News look-a-like contest is in a hair line race.
Tricare Enrollment Defugelty   "Transfer" made in the amount of $57.50 from unknown source. Sponsor made no payment.
Tricare for Life - New procedure for explanation of benefits effective 1 April 2007.
Tricare Improvements Needed
Trivia!  Minnesota Trivia. Original Q and A by Alan Lubke, Interstate Good-Will Ambassador.
Trivia - Chicago Bears vs. Baltimore Colts, 1956.
Tuba Cal-Oregon State football, 2005 at Berkeley.
Tsunami Orphan
Tuttle   Family patriarch dies in 2002.  Family still works farm granted by king of England in 1630 near Maine coast and first settled by shipwrecked ancestor, John Tuttle.
Tuttle Christmas 2003  Oakland East Bay Gay Men's Chorus "I Got Yule Babe" concert is a big hit!
Tuttle, Kathleen  Reknowned author, "brilliant design analyst/scholar and a writer of lyrical and elegiac skills."



Ursula - Photos of Ursula.
Ursula falls and breaks wrist.


VA -
See Veterans Affairs in this section
allely, Paul   Pictures from Israel as Fox News Military Analsyt. West Point classmate.
Vallely, Paul - Book signings in California, May 2004. (LA - Monday, May 24th, SF - Wednesday, May 26th, Lafayette - Thursday, May 27th.)
Vallely, Paul Countdown to WMD. 60 days from February 9, 2004 for discovery of WMD.
Vallely, Paul WSJ  Wall St. Journal article of April 13, 2003, by Perry Smith "Armchair Generals".
Vallely, Paul Saves the Geese  The Washington Times story of May 28, 2003.
Vallely, Scott P. Private First Class, U.S. Army. 13 March 1975 - 20 April 2004.
Vallely -- msg from Sabo Soldier's Christmas program, 2004.
enetian in Vegas - link
ermillion River - the source. Affectionately known in Farmington as the "Crick".
Veterans Affairs
VASFMC Parking Garage
- An engineering debacle at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.
eterans Affairs Patient Parking Garage - Letter, 12 January 2012 (San Francisco VA Medical Center)
eterans Affairs - The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, R. James Nicholson, Ltr April 20, 2005
eterans Affiars - Shuttle Schedule - Fort Miley to San Bruno and return
eterans Affairs -VA Pharmacy on-line
Vietnamese medals awarded by Decree Nr. 133/SL/CT, dated 12 May 1964.
olden, Verdie  Picture story of Verdie and Beula Volden with links to Farmington Independent stories.
Volden, Verdie and his Pedicab  Mary B. Feipel, my grandmother, is given the first ride in the Saigon Pedicab..


Washington Canto I - Three pages titled "West Point"
atkins, James H. "Tid"  West Point Class of '43. Featured on cover of Life Magazine. Two weeks later, his brother, "Hoot" was on the cover of Life Magazine with the University of Texas Football Team.
Web Design - Building a Web site - article by Allan Hoffman: "Tools simplify the path to being a Webmaster".
Web Hosting and Design - an article by David Einstein, "Get the most from Web host" about popular hosting sites that charge $10 or less a month. All of these sites offer free tools that let you design, build, publish and maintain a basic Web site by yourself.
Web Hosting - Same as above repeated.
Web Design I . Table rows on my home page. (MSWord document ) Web Design II. FHS Grads by Year. Step-by-Step instructions. MSWord document --
Wedding  Allison and Vince, September 30, 2004.
Wells, Albert Lloyd   September 25, 1938 - June 12, 2007
ells Fargo Bank   Our accounts resemble the first women only parking lot at the Mall of America.

West Point

50th Reunion

West Point Section 1 of 3

(1 of 3) West Point - USMA '61 Events, Reunions - (First of three "West Point" paragraphs in this Index)
West Point Company D-1, Year by year ('57 - '61) photos of Company D-1, USCC
- - Company D-1, United States Corps of Cadets (USCC) 1957-1961. When you stayed in the same Cadet Company four all four years.
West Point '61 --Company D-1, USCC at the 45th Reunion, October 2006
est Point '61 -- Reconciliation Plaza  Gift of the Class of 1961at our 40th Reunion. Settling our nation's differences from the Civil War and remembering our classmates who gave their lives in service to our Nation.
West Point '61 -- Reconciliation Plaza Close up  To our fifteen "Classmates who gave their lives in service to our Nation".  Monument reads with names, place of death, and date of death of:  Donald R. Bonko, James Michael Coyle, Norman Northrop Cunningham, Frederick Donald Daniloff, Richard John Davis, William Townsley Deuel, Samuel Digges Freeman III, Ronald Dickerson Hines, John Alda Kemp, John W. Lawrence, Jr., Douglas Frank Matthews, Basil Manly Parks II, Thomas Wilson Pusser, John Charles Sigg, Monte Thomas Sloan.
West Point '61 Basketball, '58-'59

est Point '61 Football - Ties Air Force 13 - 13 in 1959
est Point '61 -- 30 years later. General Officer assignments: Chelberg, Joulwan, Leland
est Point '61   A collection by Alan Lubke, USMA Class of '61 and member of Company D-1, United States Corps of Cadets. Compiled with the superb help of Ex - New Cadet Bob Kellman, a former member of Cadet Squad Leader Lubke's Beast Barracks Squad.
est Point '61's Gunnar Carlson's e-book, "The Rocket Man": (Main website where you can order the book), and (The webstie page where you can read the text of the book).
est Point '61 Cruise Group 2004
West Point '61 Mallory, Phil - Party at Redwood Shores - Cell Net days
est Point '61 Voices - "The Voices of Westpoint" (sic) - The record album insert (4 pages) for the 6- record album featuring The West Point Cadet Glee Club and the Cadet Quartet, published by Murray Hill Records, S-3905, date unknown, but likely in the year 1957 or 1958.
Sixth US Army, San Francisco, and Sixty-One "Second to None".

West Point Section 2 of 3

(2 of 3) West Point - USMA '61 as "World Class" because of features in America's most popular magazines and newspapers. (Second of three "West Point" paragraphs in this Index)
West Point '61 World Class - Family Weekly feature "Cadet-iquette at West Point". Skits captured by Family Weekly magazine.
West Point '61 World Class - Football Foreplay with Sophie, Al, Frank and Ron
est Point '61 World Class - Graduation picture from Life Magazine.
est Point '61 World Class - in Life Magazine  Beast Barracks, June 1957 as seen in Life.
West Point '61 World Class - "M" Day Newsweek-  May 1961 as seen in Newsweek Magazine, May 15, 1961. aka "Where were you?"
West Point '61 World Class - Solomon, John in Newsweek magazine, January 28, 1963.
West Point '61 Iron Range Man contest held in Coleraine, Minnesota. Marko Popovich, Alan Lubke, Dick Thompson.

West Point Section 3 of 3

(3 of 3) West Point - Odds and Ends (Third of three "West Point" paragraphs in this Index)

Founders Day 2007; PowerPoint version of 2007 ;Founders Day 2008 - (
Founders Day 2009
    Founders Day 2009 PhotoShow   Founders Day - 2010.
West Point - San Francisco Bay Area - 61 Lunch in San Bruno
est Point Athletics - Director of Athletics Kevin Anderson, 2005.
est Point Chain with copyrighted term "It's good to be linked" by Alan Lubke
est Point Glee Club- Pictures  Pictures. Newspaper Ad. The Cadet Glee Club of the United States Military Academy in South San Francisco, 2004. (This is a repeat of the index entry under "Glee Club")

est Point Historic Moments Cadet Cry changed to "Beat Anybody".
est Points Squad of Squads - Index to the pictorial history of the 2d Squad, 2d Platoon, 2d Company, Beast Barracks of 1959 for the future United States Military Academy Class of 1963.
West Point - An Open Letter   There is no subsititute for the words "West Point", "The USMA"
West Point's Bicentennial Exhibit in the Smithsonian Institution  A great way to view to the growth of our great nation. 1802 -2002.
West Point - Missing Cadet is deceased, body found in Goose Lake. Nicolas Rossini.
West Point-The Plain. A magnificent panorama photograph.

West Point - Tour, Virtual   Non-profit group brings bring the West Point Experience and Values alive through the Internet for the American Public and the world.
West Point Stamps  Bicentennial Issue.
West Point Vintage Collectible  Teddy Roosevelt bears from 1907.

In the meantime enjoy the panorama photo taken from The Plain by clicking PANORAMA or copying this URL:
When you get to the photo simply click on it to expand it. In winter check out The Plain scene,
West Point facilities tour - with small pictures, but good narratives at

hy are we still there??
Wilkins Cat  Cat von Tom and Hedy.
Wilkins Fortune Cookie  Fortune cookie of November 9, 2002 from Kam's Restaurant.
Winblad, Ann   Entrepreneur from Farmington, Minnesota. Daughter of Wilbur "Soup" and Patty Winblad.
Winblad, Ann in the Wall Street Journal, November 22, 1999
Winfield, Dave Photo shows him being given important instructions from Alan Lubke at the 1989 All-Star game.
Smaller page, smaller photo

Wold-Chamberlain field trip by Explorer Scouts


Yearbook for '61 USMA - Putting together the 50th Reunion Yearbook. A letter from Editor Bob Hardiman
Zailskas - Vietnam in Life Magazine
Zorbas im Schnee, 2005
Zorbas an Silvester, 2005