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  Use these icons to return to sections of the site, www.ojlubke.com, a website dedicated to my father, Oscar Lubke--Alan Lubke.
John Haugh and Alan Lubke are first cousins.
Their mothers Veronica and Genevieve, respectively, were sisters.
John Haugh died of a heart attack while in England on April 1, 2002.
You will find here the date and place of the memorial service to be held in Portland.
Sunday, April 14, 2002.

I received a call last night from John's son John asking me to do a reading at the memorial service on April 19th in Portland.. I am honored and will be there.

The following is a memorandum to myself regarding the time and place and contacts for the Portland Services as I know them. BY ALL MEANS SEND CORRECTIONS TO ME at alan_lubke@hotmail.com since some readers may be relying on them. You can find my memorial page to John at Memorial Page, and one of his legendary stories at Legendary Story.

John's home was in Vancouver, WA across the river from Portland. Appropriately, one might send condolences to "Family of John Haugh" at 1612 S.E. 158th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98683.

The memorial mass in Portland is Friday, April 19th at 10 a.m. at St. Thomas More Church. Then immediately following that is a Celebration of Life from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

St. Thomas More Catholic Church is at 3525 SW Patton Rd, Portland, OR and their phone number is 503-222-2055. The location is in Southwest Portland and was the parish that served the Haughs when they lived on SW Labbe.

John's executor is Bud Lucas and if I need to contact someone in Portland, I will call him at 360-260-7000. (His home address is 15613 SE 33rd Street, Vancouver, WA 98683-3714, and his e-mail address is gglucas@aol.com.)

BEGIN ####### Driving Directions from downtown Portland to St. Thomas More Catholic Church. #######
If I were in downtown Portland (having left 405 at the Highway 26 exit), I might be near the Pioneer Place Shopping Center at 888 SW 5th Avenue. From there, I would take the following directions courtesy of Map Quest to get to St Thomas More Catholic Church, 3525 SW Patton Rd., Portland, OR 97221
1: Start out going West on SW TAYLOR ST towards SW 6TH AVE, 0.1 Miles
2: Turn LEFT onto SW BROADWAY, 0.8 Miles
3: Stay straight to go onto SW BROADWAY DR. 1.3 Miles
4: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto SW PATTON RD. 0.6 Miles
Total Distance: 2.8 miles, estimated Time: 10 minutes.
The key is SW BROADWAY becomes SW PATTON as you head West away from downtown.
END ####### Driving Directions from downtown Portland to St. Thomas More Catholic Church. #######

I have added to my web site here, the last series of message I received from John. They were in connection to his trip to London, his desire for me to visit him in Vancouver, our scheduled meeting at the coin show in Santa Clara, and plans to visit to New York City in late July/early August. (He wanted to visit my nephew Theodore and his family during that trip.)



//////////// BEGIN MSG, MARCH 13, 2002, 09:03 EST
From : JHaugh@aol.com To : alan_lubke@hotmail.com
Subject : Santa Clara/Portland/Part Time Career
Date : Wed, 13 Mar 2002 09:03 EST

We kid each other from time to time, but I was most serious about the idea of you embarking on a part time career, helping people use their PC. Millions, including me, have them, but barely scratch the surface on how to use them, and what to do.

For example, I don't know how to effectively transmit photographs, download and keep them, clean my "drives", and do routine computer maintenance. I do know that computers, like cars, do need regular maintenance. I want to buy a new computer (but not a screen or printer) this Fall, when the new chips now being produced and the alleged "bug free" Windows are installed, together with new security devices, more storage and more speed. But, I would like an independent look-see. I would like someone to spend a few hours - whom I trust and would listen to - with superior skills, sitting down with me at the terminal and showing me new methods, and old procedures I have yet to understand.

Most all I know say the same thing. You have a gift in that regard. And, I really think with little effort, after some initial advertising / promotion, would cost little, as the first customers would refer you to their friends in the area. The thing would just grow. You don't want the burden of normal hours, and the requirement of going to an office. And, it's "off book" work. No licenses, no hassles, all quite under the radar.

That is one of the major reasons why I've been pestering ( for years ) to get you to commit to come up. If even for a few days. Another is that I really like you. Another is I really want you to see my new digs. I've seen yours. Yes, it will be great to get together at Santa Clara. I hope you will in fact be there, and are not kidding me. Another reason is that I now live alone, for the first time in my life. I do a lot of things. But, it is a lonely existence. Having a house guest would be nifty. I've had a few, and it's been a joy.

Finally, I like you. A lot. With the kids grown, scattered, into their own families ................ I've reached out to cousins and other relatives, .............. When I hear of your visits to Palm Springs, etc.... I tend to dwell on you not coming here. That is about the sum of it all. Hope you at least understand where I am coming from. If you are really going to Santa Clara, let's plan on some quality time together. But, don't misunderstand ...... it's not the same as visiting my home. Something special about that.

I'm booked to go to NYC in late July/Early August, and would hope to see Theo and family. Because of their absurd schedule, I did not see them last time there. Had a tentative deal to see Theo on a Saturday, but Anne Marie was to be gone, and then I had to stay in the city to put the coin deal then so critical together.

Take care. Give Ursula a hug for me. x John

END MSG, MARCH 13, 2002 0903 EST. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

//////////////// BEGIN MSG, MARCH 24, 2002 21:53 EST
From: JHaugh@aol.com
To: alan_lubke@hotmail.com
Subject: Is it the Lenten Season
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 21:53EST

Your Eminence;

It has been some time since I've gotten a personal note from you, or even another forward. I like the former the best.

Tomorrow, I'm off to London. Will do an independent audit type of kick the tire visit to ND Law School's Year Abroad program, and do a report for the Dean (gratis). She is nice and that will be fun.

Then, about ten days of touring, and home the 9th. On the 11th, I fly to SF and then on to Santa Clara. We've not made any plans regarding getting together. I suspect you kept my schedule. I am totally free the eve of the 11th, the open schedule the 12th, open the 13th, and open the 14th, returning the 15th, through SF.

Some of the time, I'll be at the coin show, of course. But, I am at your service, and you get the first crack.

Yours in Christ,


PS: We were both Altar boys. Mother stuck me in a Seminary for a horrible year. I met many priests who were weird and seemed to enjoy giving corporeal punishment, but never got fondled. How about you? I guess had we been, we'd get a big check.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ END MSG, MARCH 24, 2002 21:53 EST

//////////////// BEGIN MSG, MARCH 24, 2002 23:53 EST
From: JHaugh@aol.com
To: alan_lubke@hotmail.com
Subject: SF/Santa Clara
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 23:53:34 EST

Your Eminence;

I have finally succeeded in obtaining a rental car at the SFO airport. Started bidding at $14 a day. The average, as they have jacked things up a great deal, is $41. Finally got one at $19. My itinerary, once again:

Arrive: United, from Portland, at 3:05 pm on the 11th, SFO.

Depart: United from SFO, at 11 a.m. on the 15th.

I do hope we shall have some quality time together. My best to Ursula. And to the dogs. And to the cats. And to the plants. And to the neighbors. And to all. x John

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ END MSG, MARCH 24, 2002, 21:53 EST

//////////////// BEGIN MSG, MARCH 25, 2002, 09:51 EST
From : JHaugh@aol.com To : alan_lubke@hotmail.com
Subject : Off to London
Date : Mon, 25 Mar 2002 09:51EST
Off to airport for London. Will be fun to do a free "critique" on the Year abroad program of the Law School, for the Dean. She is sharp. Wanted an objective, independent analysis. I get free lodging and meals at the faculty flat, actually for faculty and "guest lecturers". Then, after some plays in London during that, off to the English countryside for some touring. York Minster Cathedral, to me the most beautiful building in the entire world, will be a highlight. My fifth visit to that magnificent edifice. Stolen from us by the Anglicans, but they do let us visit.

Perhaps we can meet at airport when I arrive on the 11th, and spend a couple hours figuring out when we can meet in Santa Clara, and what we can do. I have a Hertz rental to pick up, but it will wait for me, I'm sure.


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ END MSG, MARCH 25, 2002, 09:51EST

//////////////// BEGIN MSG, MARCH 29, 2002, 05:35 EST
From : JHaugh@aol.com To : alan_lubke@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Off to London
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 05:35,EST

I am in an internet cafe in the Kent area. Lost track of Nick and Jenny Perl of Wrestlingworth years ago, when they moved. Last Wednsday, had dinner at the home of Sid and Muriel Lezak, she world famed Clinical Psychologist, whose books used in grad schools all over the world. Marvelous meal, lots of brilliant people. She is the Psychologist Nick Perl (Pearl ?) came to Portland to work under, thus the home switch. I am greatly impressed you remembered that you did.

It would be very nice to see you at the airport. I am not too excited about getting to Santa Clara "early" in the evening. Nothing to do until late the next day anyway. Saw "My Fair Lady" at most famous theatre in London last night. Wonderful. Surely have seen it at least six times. Much fun. Ran into member of Notre Dame faculty, on Sabbatical to London School of Economics, at intermission.

Most gratified with "Haugh's Ten Picks" thus far. In three/four weeks I've owned, plus the 11th pick, Canadian General Investments, all in "the chips". Check even when away. Will do York and the Cotswolds. Think YorkMinster Cathedral the most beautiful building in the world.

Best regards,

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ END MSG, MARCH 29, 2002, 21:53 EST

//////////// BEGIN MSG, MARCH 30, 2002, 05:15 EST
From: JHaugh@aol.com To: polock@optonline.net
Subject: 1799 Early Dollars
Date : Sat, 30 Mar 2002 05:15:44 -0500 (EST)
The 1799 B-18, BB-154 is an R-5. Scarce, though not rare. The chief diagnostic is that the center of the ray of the star on the reverse points to the exact center of the U in UNUM.
The 1799 B-23, BB-159 is an R-4. Slightly scarce, but not rare. However, this is the only 1799 made with 8 stars to the left and 5 to the right on the obverse, and as such is highly popular as "type". Tis very elusive in choice VF and above. Commands a significant premium in XF.
You should own and often use the Perkins Rarity Guide to EDs. \i sell for $25. \i am in kent, england and return home th 9th, leaving the 11th for santa clara.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ //////////// END MSG , MARCH 30, 2002, 05:15 EST

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