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John Haugh and Alan Lubke are first cousins.
Their mothers Veronica and Genevieve, respectively, were sisters.
John Haugh died of a heart attack while in England on April 1, 2002.  Your Remembrances follow the Executor's message - - just scroll down.
Executor's message, April 6, 2002.
From: gglucas@aol.comFrom: Gglucas@aol.com

To : Thomas.W.Hill@orst.edu, frank@amatobooks.com, Lanob@earthlink.net, teriburke@hotmail.com, fjburris@attbi.com, SUSAN_CHA@msn.com, Giftofthegab49@aol.com, melodee12@hotmail.com, bobkoches@attbi.com, alan_lubke@hotmail.com, bustdollar@yahoo.com, jesse@sonic.net, wdperki@attglobal.net
Subject : RE: John Haugh
Date : Sat, 6 Apr 2002 12:46:54 EST

I am addressing this to each of you because you have been on the same select mailing list John frequently used. I will be the executor of John's estate. Some of you I have already been in touch with, but for the others, my legal name is Gregory Lucas, but I go by Bud. John and I have been lying to each other for 30 years, more frequently since he retired. He lived about 1.5 miles from me here in Vancouver, WA.
The three daughters and John Jr., and I have been trying to get the necessary things done, with the help of some of you, and I thought the rest would like to be updated.
John was touring with a close friend of his in the Midlands area of the UK, around Stratford on Avon. The town of Rugby is about three miles or so from there, and it was in the Rugby hospital where he was ruled deceased. His touring companion has kindly informed me of the exact happenings. He apparently died in a matter of just a very few minutes, and in spite of the companion being a nurse, there was nothing anyone could do, even if it had occurred in a hospital. He did receive the last rites of the Catholic Church in the Rugby hospital. Because there were no medical records on him in the UK, an autopsy was required, and was completed on Friday, April 5th. He will be cremated on April 10th in the UK and his remains will be transported directly to Prior Lake Minnesota where he already had a plot in nearby Credit River Township cemetery, among other Haugh family members.
We will be having a memorial Mass in Portland on April 19th at 10AM at St. Thomas Moore Church, followed by a Celebration of Life from 11 to 2 PM.
John had written a new will and attendant instructions on all aspects including the obituary and the Celebration of Life, in great detail. These documents were all written within the past 60 days, so they are very current. I will be sending you more information as we move ahead, including a copy of the obituary. In the meantime, some of you will be directly involved in my work on the estate, and I greatly appreciate the quick assistance of those already contacted. Others I will be in touch with. Should anyone want to get in touch with me use this return email address: gglucas@aol.com. My phone is 360-260-7000 and my home address is:  15613 SE 33rd Street, Vancouver, WA 98683-3714.  -Bud Lucas

From John Haugh himself!  Tells why he was in London.
From : JHaugh@aol.com   To : alan_lubke@hotmail.com
Subject : Off to London
Date : Mon, 25 Mar 2002 09:51:28 EST

Off to airport for London. Will be fun to do a free "critique" on the Year abroad program of the Law School, for the Dean. She is sharp. Wanted an objective, independent analysis. I get free lodging and meals at the faculty flat, actually for faculty and "guest letureres". Then, after some plays in London during that, off to the English countyside for some touring.  York Minster Cathedaral, to me the most beautiful building in the entire world, will be a highlight. My fifth visit to that magnificent edifice. Stolen from us by the Anglicans, but they do let us visit.
Perhaps we can meet at airport when I arrive on the 11th, and spend a couple hours figuring out when we can meet in Santa Clara, and what we can do. I have a Hertz rental to pick up, but it will wait for me, I'm sure.


From Mary Haugh in Ireland.  John was working on a book to chronicle the Haugh Family history, so he was in touch with the Irish roots.
From : "Mary Haugh" <haughfamily@eircom.net> To : "Alan Lubke" <alan_lubke@hotmail.com> Subject : Re: John Haugh Date : Thu, 4 Apr 2002 12:44:56 +0100

Just received your e-mail. We are greatly saddened and shocked to hear that John has passed away.
You might keep me informed as to the cause. Obviously he was out of the US doing what he enjoyed, i.e. travelling, meeting people and enjoying himself.
We will miss him at this side of the Atlantic. Our thoughts are with his family and you might convey our sincere condolences to them.
Kindest Regards,
Kevin Haugh (Limerick, Ireland)

From Norman Lubke. John became a living legend through the stories of his adventures.
"Lubke, Norman J (LAGUNA HILLS SQ 223)" <nlubke@pclient.ml.com>
To : "'Alan Lubke'" <alan_lubke@hotmail.com> Subject : RE: John Haugh

Date : Wed, 3 Apr 2002 19:18:07 -0500 thanks for update....out here in desert..88 degrees today.....u certainly cannot say that john wasted to many of his final days.....for sure he died with his boots on .... his life would make a good book....maybe something that one of the kids could undertake...three chapters....jane fonda episode.....polish embassy party....and   uht milk story   would make it a best seller...

From Dorothy Casey Kenney.  John was our gateway for the powerful prayers from his kin who are/were priests and nuns.
From: KENNEYFHS@aol.com
To : alan_lubke@hotmail.com
Subject : Re: Haugh/Casey
Date : Thu, 25 Apr 2002 22:50 EDT

Hi! You found me! And I am so glad! I loved talking to Ursula! Our phone # is 651-292-0147. Our address is 250 Selby Ave., Apt.44, St. Paul, Mn. 55102. Our son Kevin is a priest, and he will be at the Credit River Cemetary for the burial. When John was here last summer he met us at Kevin's parish for Mass, and we had breakfast together. He talked about you and Ursula, so I feel we know you. My husband Bill was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. before we were married, and he spent many a weekend at Jack and Veronica's - and the boys John, Pat, Karl, Byron and Mark loved to tease Bill - so he was like a big brother to them! We e-mailed John a lot, but were not on his forward list I guess. My sister, Sister Jo, is on your list (and wants to stay on it), but she couldn't get some of the messages on the internet - or however that works????? Will you be coming to Credit River? I so appreciate your including me on the internet.
Love and Appreciation,

"Get out 'The Beads' ".  We believed in one God, the holy Catholic Church and the Rosary. John would call on the power of the latter in time of trouble.
Long before Motel 6 was even a gleam in someone's eye and they started saying "I'll leave the light on for you", John Haugh, when responding to reports of trouble or sickness in the family or alerting me to trouble or sickness in the family would say "I'll get out The Beads for you" or "Get out The Beads" , respectively.
John reminded me of that early this morning, April 25th, 2002, when he must have caused a box of "artifacts" in my office to spill and a Rosary I acquired years ago at a street fair wound up at my feet.
The Rosary and Crucifix were central features in the Feipel household where John's mother Ronny grew up.  I should know because her mother, Mary B. Feipel lived with us/we lived with her for all of my growing up life in the family home in Farmington, Minnesota.  Certainly, the importance of The Rosary and its accompanying ritual must have been a central part of the Missouri Haugh home life as well. Mary B. attended daily Mass, walking to church every day usually being joined by her friend Mary Sauser on the way.  When she got to church, she prayed The Rosary. The entire family (less our Dad who was a Lutheran) went to church for "Devotions" each Wednesday night and prayed The Rosary.
We also had crucifixes, on the wall in several rooms, and one that my folks kept in their bedroom closet that stored a set of candles and a small container for holy water. ((Ours had a bottle of holy water that Ronny had brought back to her sister Genevieve (my mother) from Lourdes.))
And in closing as John J. Haugh used to say in closing while he was still here on earth, "God Bless".

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