This chart was prepared from Alan Lubke's notes per discussion between Alan Lubke and Shirley Babb, September 14, 1998 at Eugene, OR. The following is an attempt to clarify the relationship of Alan Lubke and Shirley Babb to the chart. Neither Alan nor Shirley are shown on the chart because their lineage would not show up on one page! They are descended from names on the chart however, and those names are correlated to the chart by being shown in bold.

Shirley Hamilton Babb is CAROLINE E.'s (Caroline Hamilton's) daughter. Shirley Babb therefore is the great-granddaughter of Friedrich and Minnie Lubke,. and the grandaughter of Ernest B. and Hulda Dahlem Lubke.

Alan is HENRY's grandson. Alan therefore is the great-great grandson of Friedrich and Minnie Lubke; the great-grandson of Ernest B. and Mary Tress Lubke, and the grandson of Henry Lubke.


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