PowerPoint Instructional Note

Slide Transition and Custom Animation

Understanding the difference between these two definitions will speed your Power Point learning.

Slide Transition is the movement from one slide to another.

Slide Transition

This selection applies to the action between slides, i.e., of closing one slide and opening the next.

Select Slide Transition from the Task Pane . You can now set a transition type from the Advance Slide selection to apply to all slides or to selected slides. The two options to Advance the Slide are:

1. "On mouse click" for "On mouse click"

2. "Automatically after" for "automatically after and in this case select at time in minutes and second. The default is apparently 00.03 seconds.

Custom Animation involves the movement of objects within a slide.

Custom Animation

This selection applies to the actions within the slide. You select Custom Animation from the Task Pane. Then you SELECT the portion of the slide that you wish to animate and make appear within the slide in different ways and in different sequences and times.

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