Print Screen Instructional Note
Copy an entire computer screen and select portions for your own "Clip Art" as it were.
How do you think Google gets its images?
This should be handy for making class notes when learning computer programs.
Try printing your own Desktop, a screen with Files and Folders, a screen with a lot of
photo thumbnails, any screen in any program, a screen on the interent etc.

Using Print Screen to print a computer screen
Print Screen STEP 1. With the screen that you want to print showing (could even be your Desktop), just hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard (no shift necessary), and an image of the screen is automatically sent to the clipboard. You will not see anything happen. Just trust and go to STEP 2.
Print Screen STEP 2. Open the desired target program. "Paint" (MS Paint) is suggested since you can select portions of the page and then cut and paste them to other programs. You will find MSPaint by pressing START, ALL PROGRAMS, Accessories, Paint)
Print Screen STEP 3. Click the Paste Button - it's the one with the clipboard. Or point to Edit on your Menu bar and select Paste. VOILA! The print of the computer screen is in the Paint or other program document.
Print Screen STEP 4. Print the document you just created if desired. If you have a color printer, learn how to print using grayscale or black and white so you don't use the expensive color ink.
Working with a PrintScreen document in MSPaint - very basic tools
MSPaint STEP 1. After using the PrintScreen key, open MS Paint and Edit, Paste it in there. (if it asks if you want to expand the screen, select Yes).
MSPaint STEP 2. Use a selection tool (like the one shaped as a rectangle at the top of the second column of tool box buttons) to select EXACTLY the part you want and press your right mouse button.

MSPaint STEP 3. When a menu appears, you have a choice to select "Copy" which will let you paste just that image into another program like Word or PowerPoint, or "Copy to" which will let you save it as a file to your computer.

A tip from Kathleen Delander of the South San Francisco Adult Education
"I've used this (PrintScreen) method for years, but I find that I make so many copies when creating exercises or manuals that using a program that can collect many images is even better for my purposes. I now use Hypersnap so that I can keep going and going until I'm ready to print or save the images. Hypersnap lets me select precisely what I want from the screen, too."
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