PowerPoint Instructional Note

Key Entering Presentation Text Quickly
by using the Outline Tab

These steps are based on the premise that you are using a "Title and Text" Slide Layout format
and have clicked on the OUTLINE TAB on the left side of the PowerPoint screen.

Make this happen
Keyboard steps
Create a New Slide from a Title
Press ENTER.
Create First Bullet Point by
Demoting from a Title Line
Press ENTER - temporarily creates new slide.
Press TAB - deletes temporary slide and demotes.
Creat a New Slide from a Demoted (Bullet Point) Line TWO STEPS:
Press ENTER to create a new blank bullet Point.
Press SHIFT-TAB from that blank bullet point line.

Make this happen
Keyboard steps
Get another Bullet Point at the same level Press ENTER.
Go to a Sub-Bullet Level Press TAB once from Bullet Level.
Return to upper Bullet Level Press SHIFT-TAB from Sub-Bullet Level.
Too many bullet points on one slide.
Promote from last bullet line to a new slide
Click at the end of the last line that you want on a line and press ENTER.
Press SHIFT-TAB to promote to a new Slide. Type in a title name. (e.g. "Title Name - continued")

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