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44th (2001) Reunion Photos! We have them!  See individual biographies and the
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Codes:  Number shown is the photo sequence in the Yearbook; "DEC'D" is deceased, and "'FRMR" is a former classmate.
Biographies are from the 44th Reunion of 2001!
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Sally   Was with us in most of grade school. Lived with the Halvorsens (sp) on southwest corner of Third and Walnut. Moved to Arizona.  
Alich Mardell      
Allen Gordon   Was with us for first grade for sure. Moved to Northfield.  (Shown in "Kids on the Steps" picture)
Auge Joe Dolores 3355 263rd St. West
Northfield, MN 55057-5536

(NEW Sept 2003)

    2001 Reunion Photo.   After graduation I attended St. Thomas College for 2 1/2 years.  I came home in January 1960 and joined my father and uncle at Farmers Mill and Elevator Inc. in Castle Rock, MN.  I purchased the business in 1976 and still remain active in the business as the majority stockholder.  My son Joe Jr. came with me in 1982 after high school.  He is a part owner and currently directs the day to day operation of the business.
      I married Dolores Siebenaler on June 10, 1961.  We had 5 children: 3 boys and 2 girls whose ages today range from 31 to 39.  They live in the surrounding area and have blessed us with 8 + 1 grandchildren, the last two being twin girls.  Ten years ago Dolores and I adopted two little girls that were sisters. They were 5 and 7 years old at the time; today their ages are 16 and 17. Their names are Tabby and Tasha.  They have been a challenge for us these last years, but it has been very rewarding to see them develop into the beautiful young ladies that they are.
      When we are not busy with our children and grandchildren, we enjoy our hobbies.  Dolores collects dolls, antique glassware, and children's dishes.  My passion has been my collection of antique cars and electric toy trains along with a large assortment of Automobilia.
      Well that's all for now, hope to see you at the Reunion. -- Joe  (2001)



Vida Mae Lynn 2626 West
Timber Crest Court
Appleton, WI 54914
      1961 - B.A. degree from North Central College, Naperville, IL.
      1961 - Married Aug 19 - Husband - pastor- United Methodist Church
      1966 - Son Johathan, born 5/9 - now a HS teacher - Married and has a boy, 6 and girl, 4. They are 20 miles from us.
      1968 - Daugther born 6/11, Kristen, now working at Sun Microsystems, Broomfield, CO. - Married - has a boy, 4, and a girl, 20 mos.
       I taught public school 3 years and did substituting in K-8 for 10 years.
       Music has been my vocation with 28 years as church organist and music director - and 26 years teaching private piano and organ.
       We have lived in many places in Wisconsin - Marshfield, Beloit, Marshall, Shawano, Menononee Falls, Neenah & Appleton. It has been a great life so far - - Hope it remains so -- My mother is now 98, and lives with my sister Ardis (Class of '59), and spends winters in Mesa, AZ. I'm sorry we can't be there (for the reunion), but it is our 40th wedding anniversary weekend. - - (2001)
Bettinger Bernard Erma 145 Greystone Ave N
Oakdale, MN
Pictured with our Sophomore Class in FHS Yearbook.
      Three children, six grandchildren.  Married 38 years.  Commute to work in St. Cloud everyday.  Look forward to retirement in the next few years, possibly next summer.  Will do some major fishing trips and travel to Las Vegas and Florida. -- (2001)    
Barbara Jim 7915 307th St. West
Northfield, MN

      Jim and I have been married 43 years.  We have four children, Penny 40, Todal 38, Bill 35 and Kevin 32.  We have 6 grand children and one due in September.
      Jim is semi-retired. He still farms, but doesn't drive Semi Trucks anymore. We spend our winters in West Melbourne, FL and love being down where it is warm. Our hobbies are stained glasswork.  (2001)

Boehlke Bain   c/o Jungle Theater
Minneapolis, MN
See an article from the Star Tribune, March 3, 2002 by clicking here on  Bain Boehlke ;  then photos from the same article by clicking here on  Photos of Bain .

For those of you who have been away for several years, you should be aware that Mr. Mohra, the sidewalk shoveler and crime tipster in the 1996 movie "Fargo" was played by Bain. You can see him listed as a member of the cast and crew of "Fargo" at

Bain is the founder and the artistic director of the Jungle Theater in Minneapolis. See
http://www.jungletheater.com/. The theater is at the intersection of Lake and Lyndale and productions run year round.
Brasseur Jene   2698 151st St. East
Faribault, MN 55021
Briesacher Wayne   3520 194th St. West
Farmington, MN
Ruth Ellen James (DEC) 1048 Jackson St.
Blair, NE 68008
See Ruth Ellen Brosseth McKay's page by clicking on her name in this cell.
Bruce Earmel      
Elma Raymond 1971 230th St. East
Farmington, MN 55024
Four children, six grandchildren.  Work at So. Cedar Greenhouse Sept - June.  Love the work. Ray works at Cross Nursery - Lakeville and runs our farm.  We have lived here since marriage in 1960. We love to go Polka dancing.  (2001)
Connie James E. 317 Maple St.
Farmington, MN
651-463-7792 - H
651-463-7763 - W
Five children, eight grandchildren.  We own the jewelry store in Farmington.   Have worked in it for years.
Cox Richard
 Carl Hagen and Rich Cox before the Prom Apt 216
545 Snelling Ave. No.
St. Paul, MN 55104
612-282-3338 Cell
      Two children, Alisha - lives in Apple Valley, Pat - lives in Farmington.
      I worked as a manufacturing engineer many years for firms that are now defunct. 27+ years in the Navy and Army Reserve. Currently I am an operations manager for a small growing security firm (Millenium Security).
      Enjoy fishing and hunting.  (2001)
Crowley Richard
  Dick Crowley is with us in our Freshman class photo. Pictured with our Freshman Class in FHS Yearbook.
Ersfeld Geraldine      Pictured with our Junior Class in FHS Yearbook.
Falls Charles (Sleepy) Phyllis 19 Spruce Street
Farmington, MN
Retired from the Railroad after 42 years.   Three children and two grandchildren.
Regina  Pat 2719 Azalea Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
      I moved to San Diego in 1960 after finishing Radiology School in St. Paul. I was employed in that field for 9 years before marrying and having two kids. Jenny, now 30, is married and living in Australia. Matt, my 27 year old is a single surfer who just moved home for the fourth time. Many of you can relate to that I'm sure. Somewhere along the way, I got a degree from U.C.S.D. in Anthropology, but haven't worked in that field yet. I'm currently employed part time at the Design Center at the Bazaar del Mundo, a very fun and festive place to shop and dine, (Toby's been there). Dancing is my main interest at the moment, especially West Coast Swing (very different than the Swing we grew up with which is called the East Coast Swing), although I do latin, ballroom and country too. I also travel a lot and just returned from a month in Viet Nam, Thailand, and Cambodia. I usually make it home to Minnesota once a year, and usually in August for the fair. I also like to garden, read, and hike in the mountains. No grandkids yet.(2001)
Flach Leon Carol (also DEC'D)    
Gerardy Thomas   Box 1217
International Falls,
MN 55649

(Shown on the "Tillges Photo")

Greene Carol    Was with us in second grade for sure. Her mother was with telephone company. Moved to Lakeville?  (Shown in "Kids on the Steps" picture)
Mary Jo (Toby) James C.
201 Maple Street
Farmington, MN
      Three children, eight grandchildren.
      I worked in the health care field for 31 years and am now winding down.  Jim and I hope to spend several months each winter in Hawaii and then spend a lot of time with our children and grandchildren, who all live in Farmington. (2001)
       Jim and I have been very busy with grandchildren events in cross country, swimming, soccer and football this fall - some good and some endurable. All our children live in town and we have eight grandchildren from 1st grade to a freshman at Mankato. They are all pretty perfect in our eyes. (2003)
Hagen Carl Janet 18601
West Glendale Ave.
Waddell, AZ 85355
      Retired LtCol, USAF, BSC, 1993.  Retired with 34 years of service, 14.5 years enlisted and 19.5 years as a commissioned Officer.  Began military service with the US Army Reserve while a student at Farmington High School.  Enlisted in the US Navy in 1958 and served 4 years. Entered the USAF two days after discharge from the Navy.  Was Commissioned in the USAF (2d Lt) in 1973 as a Biomedical Sciences Officer.
      Married to Janet C. Green, Colonel, BSC, USAFR, BSC.
      One daughter, Wendy D. Riley of Bradyville, TN.  And one granddaughter Tova S. Riley, same address. (2001)
     Editor's Note: Curricullum Vitae, Carl H. Hagen, Ph.D. is at the Carl Hagen page.
18 DEC'D
Hanson Kenneth E. Jr. Donna (DEC'D)    
Marlys John (DEC'D) 15187 Everleigh Circle
Rosemount, MN
Nine (9) children and fifteen (15) grandchildren.
Heskett Duane    Moved to Lakeville.  (Shown in "Kids on the Steps" picture)
Lois Kenneth (DEC'D) 517 Lower Heritage Wy
Farmington, MN 55024
      Married to Ken Meyer now deceased, 2/16/99.  One child, son Stacy. Grandchild due in March, 2002.
      After high school, I attended Minnesota School of Business, Minneapolis.  I graduated and found employment as secretary for Radio Station WCAL, St. Olaf College, Northfield. Meanwhile Ken Meyer received his degree from Winona State and was drafted into the Army and sent to Germany.  After a three-year duty, he was discharged.  We got together then.  We had one son, Stacy.  He lives with his wife, Amy in St. Louis Park.  (They met at St. Olaf College.)  No grandchildren as yet -- am waiting. (2001)
Jacobson Norman Audrey P.O. Box 233
8299 250th St. West
Farmington, MN 55024
     Five (5) children, and eight (8) grandchildren.
     Norman is retired from farming, but working at Farmers' Elevator in Castle Rock, MN.  Audrey is retired from the post office, but working at Community Assisted Living in Farmington.  Both are full time workers. (2001)
Jensen Tom Jean 701 5th Street
Farmington, MN 55024
Three (3) children, and eleven (11) grandchildren. (2001)
Barbara Wallace 728 North Sibley Ave.
Litchfield, MN 55355
iI have 4 children with my 1st husband, Wayne Schonning -- Karen, Ken, Gwen, and Lisa.  I am presently married to my 2nd husband, Wallace who has 3 boys and 1 girl.  Together we have 17 grandchildren.  We each have a great granddaughter, both named Savannah.  I will be retiring at the end of June after 20 years as a rural carrier with the postal service.  Wally is retired from Anderson Chemical Co. as a tank truck driver.  We have a camper and will be doing some traveling, visiting kids and looking for those treasures to sell on ebay.  I have been selling on ebay for a year.  Unfortunately I also buy.  I have been collecting for years.  Love auctions and garage saling.  We live right on Main Street (Hwy 12) in Litchfield. (2001)
Kasel Anthony Mary 1493 Brittany Road
Hastings, MN 55033
Pictured with our Sophomore Class in FHS Yearbook.

      Four (4) children and four (4) grandchildren.
      I've worked for District 200 for 27 years -- head of maintenance for 17 years. Wife Mary works for food service, District 200 -- 14 years.  We enjoy the horse track - casino (blackjack), going to the lake on weekends and Vegas in winter.

24 DEC'D
Patsy Bernie 227 Fernwood Drive
Pass Christian, MS 39571
Please read Louis Orndorff's tribute to Patsy:
"My Siamese twin died on July 21."
Three (3) boys. Three grandchildren.
Sandra Thomas 2463 Beverly Road
St. Paul, MN 55101

      Four (4) children and six (6) grandchildren.
      I was a member of the FHS Class of '57 during second grade, part of fifth grade, sixth grade and seventh grade. My family moved to Northfield, MN and later to St. Paul, MN. I graduated from St. Paul Central High School, where I met my future husband, Tom Boehm.
      Later I graduated rom the University of Minnesota, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and the University of Minnesota Law School I have had my own law firm (651-290-9119 and sandraboehm@aol.com) since 1984 practicing primarily in the areas of business and employment law.
Editor's note: Sandra's folks ran the Highway Cafe on Third Street, the building just south of the corner where Sathers Drug relocated to from the Sanford Hospital and which was kitty-corner from Lisle's Cafe. This cafe had earlier been run by Fred McAndrew and later by the McDonald family.

Klahr Jerry      
Klaus Robert Geraline 21217 Darsow Ave.
Hampton, MN 55031

      Four (4) children and four (4) grandchildren.
      My wife and I reside 5 miles east of Farmington on our 60 acrre hobby farm, north of Hampton After about 20+ years of employment in the administrative field, my position became unfunded and I became unemployed in Dec. 1986.
       I next became an owner-operator trucker, and continued to add additional trucks.  In 1995, I had expanded to 6 trucks and sold the trucks and business.  Three months later in 1995, I was employed to be a truck driving instructor at Dakota County Technical college in Rosemount, where I continue to instruct.
      I look forward to retirement with the next few years and hope to continue to live on our farm as long as health permits! (2001)

Kleve Pat Gerald Kleve    Pictured with our Sophomore Class in FHS Yearbook.
Pat   912 Golding Lane
Apple Valley, MN
952-431-7801- H
( Cell)
Three (3) children and six (6) grandchildren. (2001)
Donna died January 26, 2002
Pictured with our Sophomore Class in FHS Yearbook.
Obituary of Donna Youngkrantz from the Minneapolis Tribune- re-typed here by Alan Lubke
You can leave a message to share with her family at Donna's page at www.legacy.com --
Kuchera Roger Jeanne 604 Lake Anna Dr.
Avon, MN 56310
320-356-7453 H
320-224-3569 (Cell)
      Four (4) children, and three (3) grandchildren.
      Happily married for 39 years. We recently sold our business and retired.
      I was married in 1962, and settled in Farmington.  I was a sprinkler fitter by trade and a member of the Farmington volunteer fire department.  In 1975, we moved from Farmington to Maple Grove, Minnesota which was at that time a suburb of 10,000 people.  I was hired to organize and build the fire department.  In 1989, I retired for health reasons, and we moved to Alexandria, Minnesota and purchased a small motel.  Being in the motel business was the most fun we have ever had and has provided us with enough stories to entertain you for a lifetime.  In 2001 we sold our business, again for health reasons, and have built a home in Avon, Minnesota which is near St. Cloud.
Larson Audrey Norman P.O. Box 233
8299 250th St. W.
Farmington, MN
      Five (5) children and eight (8) grandchildren.
      Norman is retired from farming, but working at Farmer's Elevator in Castle Rock, MN.
      Audrey is retired from the post office, but working at Community Assisted Living in Farmington.
      Both are full time workers.
Larson Ida Mae   Was a neighbor to the McElemerys. She moved away probably when we were about in the 3rd or 4th grade.  
Lovelace Carol      
Lubke Alan Ursula 2550 Fleetwood Drive
San Bruno, CA 94066

      Except for the days I had duty as Patrol Boy at the corner of Third and Maple, I walked to school from my home at 716 3d Street with our classmate and my closest friend, Kenny Hanson who lived at 717 3d Street.  We were co-valedictorians of the Class of '57.  My brother Norman is a graduate of the Class of '56; my sister Mary is a graduate of the Class of '58.
      After graduating from West Point, I served in the Army for 22 years and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  Assignments included the 82d Airborne Division, Viet-Nam, Korea, the Pentagon, and Germany.  After my 1983 retirement, I managed the office of the Registrar of Deeds, County of San Mateo, California for 7 years, and later worked as a rank and file QA Specialist with Aesculap, Inc.
      I met my bride Ursula, in Germany in 1978 and we were married in Reno, Nevada in 1980 on my way to assignment at the Presidio of San Franciso.  We now live on the narrowest part of the neck of the San Francisco Peninsula near the San Francisco International Airport.  By marrying Ursula, I inherited three adult off-spring, a lady and two gentlemen, Marion, Michael, and Randy, who all live in Germany, one in Cologne, and the latter two near Darmstadt where Ursula grew up.
      Since 1998, I have been "between jobs" while working periodically as a Temp Admin Assistant.  My latest Alma Mater is Skyline Community College where matriculation has included Genetic Engineering, Badminton, Golf, Legal Secretarial procedures, the Internet, and Aerobic Dance.
      My current titles include self-appointed Interstate Goodwill Ambassador from Southern Minnesota to Northern California; West Coast Correspondent for the Farmington Independent; and "Torpedo."
" Torpedo" captures my unique, smooth and rapid swimming stroke, perfected after many years of recreational swimming which began on the shores of Lake Marion.

Marilyn Francis 4585 Lonsdale Blvd.
Webster, MN 55088
507-744-5115- H
320-815-6046 Cell
Six (6) children and eighteen (18) grandchildren.
Minnick Mike Dianne 10114 Brookhaven Dr.
Woodbury, MN 55129
Pictured with our Freshman Class in FHS Yearbook.
Morrison Robert Roxanne 5615 West 175th St.
Farmington, MN
Six (6) children and three (3) grandchildren.
Retired Transportation Engineer.
Barbara Wally 2993 West 81st Ave,
Unit D
Westminster, CO 80031
      Three daughters, 4 grandchildren.
      Janine - single, lives in Parker, CO.
      Jonelle - married, 2 daughters: Mackenzie, 9 and Raegan, 6.  Lives in Englewood, CO.
      Jeanette - married, 2 sons: Jason, 5 and Brandon 3.
      I'm semi-retired; have many parttime jobs, hobbies and interests. Am thoroughly enjoying the involvement with piano students and recently resumed playing the accordian; avid quilter.
      My husband of 42 years is also sem-retired; thoroughly enjoying being an author (published, in fact) and is actively involved in the C.A.7. organization out of Midland, TX.
      And, we both are involved in churchwork. . (2001)
Nielsen David Noreen 909 Hickory Street
Farmington, MN
Louise Gerald 1103 Stryker Ave
West St. Paul, MN
Reunion photo of   Louise  and a photo of her hubby  Jerry Breidel  .
Two (2) children.
     "If you outlive me and my husband doesn't, and if you get the St. Paul Dispatch, someday you will read in the Local Section about a woman dying, and in order to get to her body, police have to break down the door and make their way past a barking female black and tan German Shepard and wind their way around piles of books--books on the floor, books on tables, books on shelves, books on the stairs.  That will be my story.  Don't let headlines about a canine enamored bibliomaniac/bibliophile confuse you. I am a dog loving booklover.
      Then, too, I am one of the University of Minnesota Master Gardener staff who man stalls at local nurseries, farmer's markets and the state and county fairs, or you might get me if you call the Yard and Garden Line in Dakota County with a question about a plant, a bug or a disease, or you might take a class on water gardening or some other subject from me.  The mentoring program is an interest of mine.  Finding new information and sharing it with others is fun.
      Each fall a long weekend with six dear silly women friends spent near Lake Superior or deep in the woods hiking throught the fall colors of Minnesota or Wisconsin refreshes me.
      Birds are wondrous creatures.  I don't discourage squirrels, and I can't bring myself to trap field mice that nibble seeds that fall from the bird feeders.  I like turtles and black and white cows and river towns like Hasting, Red Wing, LaCrosse, with their moving water and hawks riding the air currents.
      For every two brown spots on my body, there is one skin tag or flap. No doubt these are signs of an aging body, however, in my mind, I am forever young." (2001)
Editors Note: Louise retires from MN DOT June 18, 2003. (2003)
Otte Wayne Barbara 1180 Lantana Road
Beaumont, CA 92223
(951) 845-6049
A resident of California since 1963. Graduated from California State University Long Beach in 1969. Retired from the Boeing Company in 1998 after 29 years. (2001)
Jane William, Jr. 3480 50th St. West
Webster, MN 55088
Darlene Larry 10003 West 199th St.
Lakeville, MN

      We were married in 1957. We have 2 boys, Frances age 44; and Joseph, age 40.  Four (4) grandkids, two of which have graduated from high school already (eek!)  I was a stay-at-home mom until 1974 and then went into retail.  Larry has been a heavy equipment mechanic.  He had an accident at work in 1987 and has been disabled since then and I have been a caregiver and insurance fighter since then.
      Over the years we have packed up and moved out of Minnesota twice, but this great State pulled us right back both times.  We are now here to stay, but take off for warm country 1 or 2 months each Winter.
      My hobbies are sewing, antiquing. and crafting. (2001)

Perry Jerome Mary 8571 202nd St. West
Lakeville, MN 55044

Three (3)children and three (3) grandchildren.

Editor's note: Jerome's complete name is Jerome Lawrence Perry.

Rablin Richard   Richard Rablin is with us in our Freshman class photo. Pictured with our Freshman Class in FHS Yearbook.
Reidel Gary      
Reihsen Marvin Dee Ann 15194 Cimarron Ct.
Rosemount, MN 55068


Graduate of Winona State, 1961.
Elementary teacher - So. Washington County Schools - Cottage Grove, 27 years
Lived in Hasting, 25 years
Wife, DeeAnn - married 1966.
One (1) daughter, Lee, now in law school
Now living in Rosemount; semi-retired working part-time for School District 196 Transportation.
Hobbies/Interests: Gideons, Church work, Golf

Rother Jerry   3518 West 100th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431
952-835-9204 - H
952-893-2255 - W


      Graduated from college in 1961 and immediately went to work for the Pillsbury Company. Joined the Naval Air division of the US Navy in 1962 to avoid the draft. Attended the Navy electronics school and flight training.  Was the electronics crewman on a flight crew stationed at Jacksonville, FL then continued in the reserves in Minnesota.  Participated in NASA space flight recoveries and tracking Russian submarines during the Cuban crisis. Upon completion of active duty I returned to work at Pillsbury in Mpls.  Was transferred to operations in Hamilton, OH, Grand Forks, ND, and Memphis, TN then back to Mpls.
      My daughter was born in Ohio and my son was born in MN.  Both graduated from college in Minnesota.  They are employed in Mpls and live in the metro area.
      Moved to Bloomington in 1970's and became active in community affairs.  Spent 18 years doing community volunteer work in youth athletic development and served as President of the Bloomington Athletic Association.
      Retired from Pillsbury as Director in September 1997.  Thirty days later I went back to work by starting my own company.  It keeps me busy on a full time basis which I expect to continue for another three years.
      Hobbies include boating, golf and travel.  I have spent part of the winter in florida the past several years.  I'm planning to purchase a house in Florida so can live there six months each years.  Also looking forward to full time retirement in a couple years.
      It was a fun experience serving as chairman of the committee for this reunion. (2001)

Joanne Charles 5220 Robin Lane
Farmington, MN 55024
Pictured with our Freshman Class in FHS Yearbook.
      Six (6) children and fifteen (15) grandchildren.
      My relax time includes crocheting afghans and playing my Lowrey Organ. We travel a little when we can and we enjoy our volunteer work. Having 15 grandchildren is my pride and joy. There just isn't enough time to go to all of their functions.
Schutt Roger Darlene    
Scott Joyce      
Anita Spouse deceased following divorce. 7514
15th Street Lane No.
Oakdale, MN 55128
651-738-2291- H
       Five (5) children and seven (7) grandchildren.
      I have worked at Buckbee Mears for 39 years. I am going to try and retire next years.  I really dislike my job, at this point.  We have changed management several times, and it gets worse (working conditions and morale) with each turnover.  I work at Kohls part time, in Fine Jewelry. It's a nice change.
      I golfed and bowled in leagues, several years ago, but I got tired of being committed to something every week.
      I have spent quite a bit of time with my grandchildren through the years, more so with my youngest son's 2 children.
      Every once in a while, I wonder what happened to some, or should I say, a lot of the people I graduated with.
      Eileen, Barb, Louise and I used to have some good times; with that old pickup. Barb drove. Those were the good days!!

Footnote: I'm sending some pictures, please see that I get them back!  They have been through a lot as you can see.
Smith Carol   Carol Smith is with us in our Sophomore class photo.  Pictured with our Sophomore Class in FHS Yearbook.
Eileen James 73 West George St.
St. Paul, MN 55107
Snyder Richard Donna D1D2snyder @aol.com  

Click Photo to enlarge
Norman Lubke, Dick Snyder, Alan Lubke October 29th, 1997 in Palm Springs
Alice  Spouse deceased 10913 East 11th Pl.
Tulsa, OK
Work at GRC in Tulsa have been there 10 yrs. My title is expeditor. Was widowed March 1, 1997. Have three (3) children, Cindy, Frankie (a girl) and David. Have five (5) grandchildren. Am now engaged to a wonderful man, Larry Louder and plan to get married either this fall or early spring. (2001)
Sprute Gale Carol 11 Oak Street
Farmington, MN
Two (2) children and two (2) grandchildren.
Viola Duwayne 37546 2nd Ave.
Dennison, MN
Stevens Jerry Dorothy 45922 Summit Rd.
Parker, CO 80138
      Three (3) children and four (4) grandchildren.  I am still working for Ames Construction Inc. as a truck driver, moving heavy equipment from jobsite to jobsite.  So far I've covered 38 States and 3 Canadian Provinces.  I transferred from Minnesota to the Denver Co. division in 1986.
      My wife and I moved to Parker CO. where we still reside. All three (3) kids live in Parker or Aurora, CO.  We all love it here.
      Our spare time is spent exploring Colorado's old mining districts and ghost towns.  I also have a few antique farm tractors to play with, and of course the grand kids get plenty of attention.
      I am planning to retire fairly soon, but the thought of not going to work is strange and a little frightening, so I haven't decided just when.
      Sorry I won't be able to see all of you. Maybe next time. --Jerry Stevens (2001)
Turnquist Marlin Barbara 2990 120th St. W.
Rosemount, MN 55068
Ann Nick, Jr. 182 County Road 76
Wabasso, MN 56293

Three (3) children and four (4) grandchildren.
See the  Ann Tutewohl Page,  for Ann Tutewohol Guetter's Chronological Biographical Notes from 1957 through-2001.

Joan Loren 20155 Doffing Ave.
Farmington, MN
      Four (4) children, five (5) grandchildren, and two (2) great-grandchildren.
      After 37 years of working at Farmington Schools, I retired on June 30, 1993.
      My husband, Loren and I spend six months in Mission, TX and six months in our home in Empire,MN.  We have a 5th wheel trailer which we park on our lot in front of the "Texas Room" for the winter.  In the summer we both enjoy traveling with the trailer and have been in most of the U.S. and parts of Canada including Newfoundland.  I like to golf, walk, bike, quilt, and do Hardanger embroidery.
      Loren enjoys gardening, carpentry, yard work and many other "projects".  He delivers propane part-time in RV parks in Texas during the winter.
      My children are all in the metro area - Kevin is in Mpls., Dennis in Andover, Debra in Plymouth and Colleen is in Lakeville. Of course, we all enjoy the Grandchildren. (2001)
Yvonne Charles 22980 Denmark Ave.
Farmington, MN

Two (2) children, five (5) grandchildren, and one (1) great grandchild. Still working in my Beauty Shop.

Victorivic Milena   Milena is with us in our Freshman class photo. She was from Czechoslovakia?
Pictured with our Freshman Class in FHS Yearbook.
Wachter Roger Lori 2541 North Pascal St.
Roseville, MN 55113

Two (2) children, and four (4) grandchildren.
   B.S. Pharmacy, U of MN. 1963; J.D. Law, Wm. Mitchell Law School (St. Paul), 1968
WORK:  I.R.S., Estate and Gift Tax, Examiner/Attorney 1969-1990. I.R.S., Office of District Counsel, Senior Atty, 1990-2000.  Retired January, 2001.  Presently doing volunteer service work at local school and foodbank. Lori works part time at Concordia University, St. Paul (Office of Admissions)
PERSONAL:  Married to Lori Wachter (1972);  Two daughters: Kristin (married, 3 children) (Richfield, MN); and Sara (married, son Noah)
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: Mr. Church -- great History Teacher. Have been insterested in state and national history ever since. Mr. Winblad -- as nervous over students doing good on driver's exam as he was over the performance of his basketball team.

Vadis Dwaine 1398 Summit Shores Dr.
Burnsville, MN 55306
Pictured with our Freshman Class in FHS Yearbook.
Walsh Charles   106 Oak Street
Farmington, MN 55024
Sharon   Ms. Sherry Weaver Davis
9650 NW 12th Terr.
Chiefland, FL 32626-2136
Jackie Bill 20972 Jacquard Ave.
Lakeville, MN 55044
 Pictured with our Junior Class in FHS Yearbook.
      Two (2) children and two (2) grandchildren.
      Bill and I have been married all these 44 years - - We have been blessed with two wonderful children.  Our son Jeff is a pilot for Delta Airlines and lives in Kentucky.  They have two beautiful children, "Our Grandchildren".  Our daughter married a man from Hawaii.  They now live here in Minnesota.  He is a mechanic for Northwest Airlines.
      We live in Lakeville and we both are looking forward to retirement.
Barbara Spouse Larry deceased 613 6th Street
Farmington, MN 55024
Three (3) children, and six (6) grandchildren.
Carol David P.O. Box 3
513 Spring Ave, NW
Preston, MN 55965
Two (2) children and five (5) grandchildren.
Margaret   3724 3rd Road Pl NW
Rochester, MN 55091
Peggy Alex 6595 225th Street
Farmington, MN 55024
 Pictured with our Junior Class in FHS Yearbook.

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