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July 29
5:00 p.m.

Camp Neibel Survivors Reunion at Ruttgers Resort in Northern Minnesota   DIRECTIONS
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A no-host event, cocktails, dinner. Bring your golf clubs and memories of those fateful days at Balsam Lake, WI. Ruttgers Resort at Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge, Box 400, Deerwood, Minnesota 56444, telephone toll free 800-450-4545.

After 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 28th, you can call Norman and Barbara directly at their Ruttger's golf course condo #554: (218) 678-2885, ask for Norman Lubke.
 Schedule and Contacts for You and the Lubke Brothers in No. Minn. -- Contacts
Prior to July 26th, contact for details, Alan Lubke at San Bruno, CA. 650-588-9299 or e-mail:   

This is the 50th anniversary reunion of the storms which hit Camp Neibel, Balsam Lake, WI. during the encampment of 17 Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts from Troop 118 of Farmington, Minnesota. The following article from the "Looking back" section of the July 4, 2002 Farmington Independent is quoted and amplified here by Alan Lubke, author of this web site and a survivor.

     "Caught in the fringes of two tornadoes within two days, Farmington' 17 scouts got more than they bargained for at Camp Neibel, Balsam Lake, WI, 90 miles from home. They camped there from June 22 to June 29. On Monday, June 24, the wind from a tornado six miles away blew down most of the tents. Most of the boys -- especially the "Explorers" (boys over 14) were on an island, several hundred yards from the main lakeside encampment. The island was a 70-acre wooded spot with no permanent buildings.
     While the boys were still reeling from the shock of the first storm, another tornado nearby struck the next night, blowing down many of the tents, and pouring down a driving rain..
     The 17 boys at the camp are:  Bob Jack McBrien, Norman Lubke, Alan Lubke, Jerry Schulz, Richard Cox, Kenneth Hanson, Joe Auge, Leon Flach, John Birkholz, Fred Griebie, John Gerster, Don Johnson, Chuck Steadman, Niles Foss, Roger Kuchera, Pat and Mike Minnick.".

See location and attractions at Ruttgers Resort at , or see the regional attractions in and around Brainerd, Minnesota at: , or .

Survivors attending list - - Seven (7): (1) John Birkholz; (2) John Gerster; (3) Roger Kuchera; he will get hold of (4) Richard Cox (possible); (5) Alan Lubke; and (6) Norman Lubke; (7) Joe Auge.
Others contacted-- Five (5): (8) Donald Johnson, (9) Jack McBrien, (10) Pat Minnick, (11) Jerry Schulz, (12) Chuck Steadman.
Deceased -- Five (5):   (13) Leon Flach,(14) Nile Foss, (15) Fred Griebie, (16) Kenny Hanson, and (17) Mike Minnick

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